Justin Fashanu, Britain’s first out gay soccer player, was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame on Feb. 19, which would’ve been his 59th birthday. Fashanu took his own life in 1998, according to Daily Mail.

Fashanu played for 22 teams over the course of his career, and came out in 1980. His induction into the hall of fame coincides with the National Football Museum’s LGBT+ Tour, which tells the story of LGBT football history, Daily Mail reported. But Fashanu’s niece, Amal Fashanu said, 

“It warms my heart to witness his legacy being honoured more than 21 years after his untimely passing.

It's unfortunate that we are still discussing discrimination in football in 2020 and it's because of this harsh reality that we decided to create a platform in his name to tackle homophobia, racism and mental health within the game,” Amal said, according to Daily Mail.

Amal founded The Justin Fashanu Foundation in 2019 to promote inclusion in football.