The Wilton Warriors will live on to play another day says team captain Chris Manning.

Manning spoke with SFGN by telephone last week. He said he was disappointed in the OutGames collapse.

“We are not participating,” Manning said. “I wish there had been more communication.”

For the Warriors, scheduling conflicts resulted in the team’s decision to not participate.

“We all have job commitments,” Manning said. “The days they (OutGames) had us rescheduled to play just did not work.”

Manning said the Warriors, however, are not deterred by the OutGames fiasco. He said the Warriors will continue to practice at Holiday Park Gym in Fort Lauderdale and are considering joining a local league.

Manning played junior college basketball in his native Texas and was a member of the National Gay Basketball Association’s Dallas ThunderCats. He said the Warriors are developing “A” and “B” teams for future competitions. The organization, he added, is eying a tournament this fall in Minnesota.

While he acknowledges the disappointment some are feeling about the OutGames, Manning took to his personal Facebook page to offer words of encouragement.

“Disappointment is an understatement,” Manning posted. “To my teammates I love every last one of you and our hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed. We will overcome this, the Warriors are here to stay! Much love and hugs men!”