Business Spotlight: Yellow Cab Of Broward-A Company You Can Trust

Imagining a world without Uber & Lyft is almost like imagining a world without smartphones. How did humans survive before we could simply enter a little data on a smartphone and pull up a map showing cars swarming around nearby waiting to escort us around town?

While the public has embraced the convenience and cost savings of the new rideshare services, taxi companies have not been as fond of their emergence. This is certainly understandable and justified as city and county regulations have not always been equally applied to or enforced upon Uber & Lyft. That issue aside, taxi companies have been taking increased measures lately to compete with Uber and Lyft and are determined to earn your business. That is certainly the case with Yellow Cab of Broward County.

Over the past several months I decided to split my rides equally between Yellow Cab, Uber & Lyft, in order to compare their services and rates. As a frequent Uber & Lyft user, I can attest that my Yellow Cab experiences were thoroughly pleasant and paralleled the convenience of using Uber or Lyft. To begin with, the RideYellow app is as easy and quick to use as the Uber/Lyft apps (RideYellow app shows the cab locations nearby and gives you a guaranteed fare). To my surprise, the Yellow Cab fares were competitive with Uber/Lyft fares. And I found the Yellow Cab cars to be cleaner than most Uber and pretty much all Lyft cars.

Most importantly, when you chose Yellow Cab you are choosing SAFETY- all Yellow Cab drivers are finger printed and background checked by the FBI, something that is not required of other forms of ground transportation. In addition, there are cameras in all Yellow Cabs and a 24/hour call center, in case a passenger leaves any personal belongings in a car, all making Yellow Cab the safer option.

In certain locations a Yellow Cab is much faster to grab than an Uber or Lyft. Leaving from the Fort Lauderdale airport I was able to jump in a Yellow Cab curbside and not have to wait 15 minutes or more for an Uber or Lyft driver to circle all the way around the airport. Better yet, the Yellow Cab fare from the airport to my house is the same as an Uber fare. Even for short trips around town I found Yellow Cab to be competitive with Uber & Lyft on price. And, if you are old fashioned and prefer to call a cab instead of using that fancy app, you still are given guaranteed rate over the phone. And best of all, with Yellow Cab there is NO SURGE PRICING. EVER!

But don’t take my word for it, try Yellow Cab for yourself. Right now Yellow Cab is offering you $10 (or free if under $10) off your next ride. Simply download the RideYellow app and enter code “BOATSHOW18”. Take Yellow Cab to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show or to Wicked Manors on Halloween and avoid the stress of parking. Or just try them on your next ride around town. I’m certain you will be as happy with their service as I am and will find yourself opening the RideYellow app all the time.