Business Spotlight: The Way Home Treatment Center

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Eileen Hathaway has worked in the substance abuse/mental health field for 30 years. Her journey began after she received treatment for her own substance abuse issues. She has always been passionate about helping others, obtaining her LPN license at 22 years old, and has created her life around that passion. 

Eileen has worked with adolescents, the judicial system, police officers, firefighters and numerous unions over the years. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Barry University, she went on to complete her CAP. Eileen has a strong background in Dual Diagnosis and has been able to help her clients with not only their substance use disorder but also their mental health issues. 

“I believe there is no shame in having this disease nor is there shame in getting treatment for it. I believe the WAY HOME is about helping a client return to themselves prior to their substance abuse, that trauma can be healed and that everyone deserves recovery.”

The Way Home Treatment Center was created to be an ethical, client centered, safe place for people looking for recovery. The clinical staff has over 80 years working with various substance abuse and mental health issues. Our clinical director, Barbara Hayes, specializes in substance abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues. 

Carol Parks, our primary therapist, is certified in EMDR, which is used for trauma and PTSD. Carol also has extensive clinical experience working with substance abuse disorders. We believe there are many paths to recovery, and we work with our clients to help them find their individual way. Our entire staff believes that family involvement in the therapeutic process is imperative. The disease of addiction affects the entire family therefore the family must be treated at the same time as their loved one. 

Our philosophy is one of inclusion, we believe that sexual preference, gender identity, race or religion should not be a deterrent from treatment for substance abuse/mental health issues. We believe everyone deserves to live an amazing sober life that is filled with love and happiness. We are here to help people live their best life without the chains of addiction holding them back.