Business Spotlight: The South Florida Israeli-Jewish LGBT+ Film Festival

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For the 2nd year in a row, Etz Chaim presents an LGBTQA+ film festival concentrating on recently produced films from Israel showcasing their vibrant and open gay lifestyle, even in a religiously conservative country.

Films are presented every Sunday afternoon: From Feb. 16 thru March 15, 2020. Films are shown at the Pride Center campus, bldg. B Auditorium.

Films provide the audience with a unique glimpse of Israeli LGBTQ+ life not usually seen by South Florida audiences. (moderated discussions will follow most of the films.)

Films are primarily in Hebrew with English sub-titles

Fascinating topics include:

“I’m Fat” A lesbian couple dealing with health issues around their weight problem and the dynamics of their relationship. “The Sign for Love”

A young deaf gay man becomes a father through a shared parenting deal with his deaf lesbian friend.  Family in Transition” A young family find their lives turned upside down as their father comes out as a transgender woman. 

February 16, 2020         I’m Fat

screens at: 4:45pm          53 minutes

Halit is very overweight. Still, she is a happy woman who has achieved professional success, has good friends and a loving lesbian life partner. At the age of 40 she begins to fear the future. In a world where everyone wants to be thin, what will be her choice?

February 23, 2020        The Sign for Love

screens at: 4:45pm        75 minutes

El-Ad always felt guilty for being deaf and tries hard to be like everyone else. He starts a family of his own, becoming a father through a shared parenting arrangement with his lesbian friend Yaeli, who’s also deaf, surrounded by their LGBTQ deaf and hearing friends. The film is his special version of a new and personal version parenthood.

March 1, 2020      Family in Transition

screens at: 4:45pm           70 minutes

The story of a young family far from gay friendly Tel-Aviv, told thru the eyes of their children, parents and friends.  When the father comes out as a transgender woman, the mother chooses to stay with her spouse thru surgery and the recovery period. Here their young children show more strength and resilience than any of the adults!

Rounding out the festival:  March 8, 2020    Remember Baghdad screens at 2:30pm 70 minutes; English. 

The untold story of the age-old Jewish community of Iraq, seen through the eyes of those who grew up there. Post-1948, the entire community is forced to move to Israel, England or the USA. Using personal film clips and news archives, we follow the lives of four families who recall their own special “Golden Age” of Iraq.

The final film is held on March 15, 2020             

Golden Boys, screens at: 4:45pm. Every week gay men age 61 to 80+ gather at the LGBT Center of Tel-Aviv. Being part of a community that worships youth and vitality, this intimate space becomes their shelter. Weekly they deal openly with issues like aging, sexuality and body image. Hilariously they recruit younger members to grow their “club”.

Film Festival is Sponsored in part by:

·       A Wider Bridge 

·       Freedom Travel

·       Pallant Insurance Agency

·       Jewish Federation of Broward 

·       South Florida Gay News

·       United Realty Group

Tickets are $11 each or $50 for entire series of five films. To purchase go to:  or email questions at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.