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If you are looking for a urologist who specializes in the restoration of male sexual function and hormone balance, Matthew Lief, MD, PA, FACS, is the go-to urologist providing respectful professional care in a safe environment.

First and foremost, Dr. Lief and his compassionate staff understand that many of the health issues  their patients seek treatment for are a very private matter.

Lief Urology provides expert medical attention to patients seeking treatments for all urologic issues – including ED with Platelet Rich Plasma treatments and Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy; STI testing and remedies; hormone pellet therapy for men and women, kidney stones and UTIs. With an in-office surgery suite, Dr. Lief also provides out patient surgery for an enlarged prostate, that are usually covered by insurance.

Dr. Lief is proud to be working with the transgender community for over 25 years. With his expertise in gender reassignment, he is honored to be a member of WPATH.

“Did you know men over the age of 50 should see an actual urologist due to risk of prostate cancer.?” Dr. Lief asks. “It’s best to actually begin at 40 if it runs in your family. African Americans are more prone to prostate cancer and should see a urologist for regular checkups beginning at age 45.” Dr Lief specializing in treating urinary leakage in men and women.

It’s highly important to see a true urologist with the experience to treat men properly. Dr. Lief adds, “I have had men come see me who went to ‘boutique clinics’ who were prescribed testosterone by people who were not actual urologists, and many of these patients now have prostate cancer because testosterone is what fuels prostate cancer. It’s imperative every one has the right medical specialist providing the right kind of care.”

Dr. Matthew Lief received his medical degree from Downstate Medical in Brooklyn, New York; completing his Urologic Residency at Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes in Chicago, Illinois. He is Board Certified in adult and pediatric urology and has been caring for patients here in South Florida for over 30 years.

Do you require a referral from your primary physician to see Dr. Lief? Referrals are only required by certain HMO policies, but not a PPO or Medicare. If you are a participant in a HMO, check with your HMO first. 

Lief Urology is located at 9750 NW 33rdStreet, Suite 218, in Coral Springs. For more information on their services, visit To make an appointment, call 954.755.3801, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..