Business Spotlight: Howard Zucker’s Self-Image Photography

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Photographer Howard Zucker has dedicated his work to making the self-conscious feel empowered and more confident.  

Many people carry negative thoughts about themselves,” Zucker said. When they look in a mirror, they see those negative images.  The purpose of my photography is to show them what they really look like, and that they look great.

He calls his work self-image photography.  Although not a therapist, his work is often extremely healing. 

Therapeutic photography can be very impactful for clients suffering from negative body image issues or low self-esteem.  This process allows them to see themselves objectively and can bring a shift in ones understanding of themselves and the way they see their body image,” Zucker said

One client, Grayson Palmer, described his experience: The shoot showed me how I was putting myself out in the world and ways to improve that and be more comfortable with my body. On social media, I received a lot more attention and friends said ‘WOW,’ making me feel great every time I showed the photos.  I would recommend this to anyone that isnt feeling comfortable with their body.

Another client, Rob Heisman, noted dramatic changes after his photo session. It was an awesome experience ... I left on a high and had a very memorable night. My confidence has greatly increased. Anybody can benefit from this experience!”

Zucker’s sessions dont just happen overnight, they take time. 

The process starts once you find out about his services. Then Zucker builds a bond to cultivate trustworthiness and a sense of comfort. Many individuals have what some would think of as minor negative self-perceptions, not liking their smile, feeling too short or obsessing about hair loss. These become big issues for some people. 

Howard is very intuitive,” said another client, Michael Wright. The experience changed my life significantly, Howard was very patient as I was concerned about how I would look, Im in my 60s and dont have the six-pack young gay guys often show. Howard put me at ease and I was stunned that he made me look vibrant and sexy. After the shoot, I felt reinvigorated and received fantastic feedback on social media!  Ive even begun acting.  Howard brought something out in me and gave me great confidence — he is amazing!

Zucker’s self-image photography is helping people change the way they see themselves. His work is an interactive form of self-reflection. For information contact Zucker at 954-599-7579.  

To see Howard Zucker’s photography, testimonials and learn about his process, visit his website at