Business Spotlight: Floppy Roosters Crowing on 79th Street in Miami

Photo Via the Floppy Rooster

It's so rewarding to showcase new businesses when they have pride in the LGBT community.  

Maybe there was a time gay bars were shut away from the center of the city and hush hush, but the bright neon sign on the 79th Street Causeway in Miami boldly illuminates the new Floppy Rooster as an LGBT establishment. 

There have been few venues in Miami to stir up night life in the way that The Floppy Rooster did when it opened its doors back in 2014 at its former location by the airport. 

When the “Rooster” arrived, so did crowds of crowing gay patrons. Boasting an enormous 2-story-tall stripper pole with fully nude male entertainers sliding down slowly to gay musical anthems, colorful flashing lights and a discreet location, it was a sight to be seen. 

The Rooster's flock of entertainers were constantly upping the ante, somehow finding bigger and bigger local talent. Triple X gay film stars popped in once a month for feature nights, and gay A-LlSTERS like Detox, celebrity eyewear designer Stevie Boi, DJ Nina Flowers, even a Real Housewife of Miami were all known to make the regular drive by to sit discreetly in a VIP booth,  staring at "the roosters" over cocktails with friends. 

Yes, those were the days, but you will be glad to hear that energy is back at their new, spacious, well designed location. There is a new place for rooster lovers to roost, and it has everything from private VIP rooms to sleek pool tables, spacious bars, dance floors, a game room, and a quiet area to just kick back in and watch television on big screen TVs.  The gay Miami night scene is back, just a stone's throw from downtown Miami and a short ride from Broward.

The last party the Floppy Rooster had in July of 2017 was cleverly named “Happy Ending.” Well, it’s time for a new beginning, a virgin affair, if you will. The Floppy Rooster 2 has a brand-new look, a modern new facility, and drinks pouring daily, with professional bartenders and a friendly staff, like John Fugate, who has moved from managing Tropics on Wilton Drive to hosting at the Rooster.  It also has a great food truck outside in its parking lot that may make you want to go back there just for the freshly cooked late night eats, a pleasant change for a gay bar.

Now, in its fourth month of operations, The Floppy Rooster has evolved more than anyone on the team could have originally anticipated. The Managing partner Sam Yovan, who has been with the brand since day one at the original venue said, "We had to learn quickly and adapt. We went from just a fun bar with dancers, to a sexy dancer venue all within 90 days."  

An Ohio native, with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester, Sam was a great guest promoting the place on my radio show.

While the new Floppy Rooster location is not zoned for full-nudity, the erotic and provocative dancers are both cut and cute, masculine and Mediterranean, striking a happy median with their customers. The ever-so-talented dancers are employing creative costuming, themes, and air up to date music with state of the art sound systems. When you have good taste, a good time and a good tease, you don't need naughty nudity. The place still rocks.

Founder Paolo Pincente and his team have given us a sexy WeHo style bar experience. Think Flaming Saddles on Santa Monica Blvd or Score with strippers. Hunky dancers, skimpy outfits, TVs, pool tables, and so much more. It's like three fun bars in one, giving you options to choose from. A good addition for Miami, so go have some fun tonight, one dollar at a time.

The Floppy Rooster is  now housed within the 777 Complex located at 777 NE 79th street Miami, FL 33138. The new location is easy to reach, has plenty of street parking or a valet alternative.

See you there.