This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions.These often revolve around some form of how we look: I will lose weight, hit the gym and get buffed or grow something, shave something off, etc. Looking good can make you feel good, so there is no harm here at all. However, I would like to suggest a different kind of resolution for the new year—a safer more responsible year ahead.

SFGN Creative Director George Dauphin accompanied the AIDS ride to Key West two weeks ago as a volunteer massage therapist. As you may remember, it turned out to be an unseasonably bitter cold weekend. This is his account of the experience.

Along Highway 1, Saturday morning, motorists slowed down to cheer the cyclists in the cold rain. My Mazda seemed to sway left and right in the heavy gusts of wind, threatening to hydroplane, making its way over the bridges that connect the Keys. The wipers and defroster struggled to keep my vision clear.

Cult Hit Sordid Lives Takes the Stage at Rising Action

Del Shores’ Sordid Lives is like a big, pink, drumming bunny,—it keeps going and going and going—and now the tale of white trash Texans has come to Rising Action Theatre.

Making Porn

Whether straight or gay, nearly every red-blooded man has turned to porn for a little sexual release, so it only seems logical to assume that a play about making said porn might also have appeal. That is certainly the case with Empire Stage’s inaugural production, Ronnie Larsen’s Making Porn.The boys were lined up outside the door for the Sunday matinee and more than a few admitted that the warning of full frontal nudity was more of an enticement for an afternoon of the “arts.”

The Rainbow Alliance has announced that its’ new map of Fort Lauderdale will be published in a partnership with FunMaps .

Ohad Soberano, the Rainbow Alliance Board Advertising Chairman and Alan Beck, Publisher of FunMaps, hope to distribute the popular geographical guide throughout the United States and Canada, to gay and lesbian businesses and organizations, at trade and travel shows and other venues.

Passport Magazine

Gay Travel Magazine Serves Lucrative Niche Market

Passport, the “Hetero-Friendly Gay Travel Magazine,” has bucked a trend in the world of publishing by announcing that 2009 was a banner year for advertising sales.  In addition, Passport will expand its frequency from eight to nine issues per year and is expanding its multimedia online content.

In an industry that has seen the demise of more than 400 magazines in 2009, Passport continues on a path of growth and success unparalleled in the travel and LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) demographic markets.

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