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Adam Lambert Defends Gay Kiss

I come to praise Adam Lambert, not to bury him. This is an artist I really want to meet.Just two days ago, I did a piece asking us to allow Adam Lambert to be accepted as a performer, and not to worry about his role as a political activist. The gay community has somehow demanded of him to be something he is not.

Lamda Legal Sues Atlanta Police After Bar Raid

Lambda Legal has filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta Police Department on behalf of 19 people who say they were forcibly searched and detained during a raid on an Atlanta gay bar. The suit says the raid was flat out illegal, and as a constitutional rights lawyer who publishes a gay rights blog, I flat out agree.

Adam Lambert

Gotta hand it to Wayne Parry in the Associated Press.His piece on American Idol star Adam Lambert sums the kid up best this way:

"This vocal chameleon can be all things to all listeners, and he kills at whatever he sings. Lambert is equally adept at hard rock, pop, disco, and power ballads, often blending ingredients of several in a single track to produce unforgettable results."

Uganda Proposes Dealth Penalty for Homosexuals

I am going to make this blog real simple, okay? The leadership of the country of Uganda, home once of the infamous Idi Amin, has proposed the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality." It's just life for touching someone with " the intention of committing the act of homosexuality”.

Alex Sink Supports Gay Adoption in Florida

Normally, American candidates for public office do not have to support a law which endorses the rights of gay men and women to adopt children. That is because all American communities and commonwealths allow gay men and women to adopt children. With one exception. Orange Juice Land. Home of Anita Bryant. Home of a handsome governor who apparently once partnered with some younger gay men before marrying an older women.

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