Testimony ended Wednesday in a historic federal case challenging the constitutionality of California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

The trial included nearly 12 days of wide-ranging testimony on the meaning of marriage, the nature of sexual orientation, and the role of religion in shaping attitudes about both.

Malawi’s government said Monday that it is unmoved by international criticism of the trial of a gay couple charged with unnatural acts and gross indecency, felonies for which they could be imprisoned for up to 14 years.

In a statement Monday, Malawi’s Information Minister Leckford Mwanza Thoto made no apology for the laws that criminalize homosexual acts. He said Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga were “clearly breaking the laws of Malawi.’’

In 1990, a young entrepreneur named Andrew Isen had a vision. He was a successful man who felt like corporate America was not speaking to him.

“I was openly gay, had a large disposable income and I was not on anyone’s marketing list.” Isen saw an opportunity in the making.

Working off his kitchen table with nothing but an IBM and a phone, Isen started WinMark Concepts, a full-service marketing and communications firm targeting the ‘gay and lesbian community’. He is based in Washington, D.C.

Same Sex Parenting is Succeeding

IsaBella Ingersoll is only 2, but one day the Collinsville child will be reminded of her mothers’ guiding words, which are painted in bold pink letters that ring her girlie bedroom walls:

Dream. Wish. Hope. Believe. Imagine. Achieve. Fly ....

Connie Francis

Legendary songstress Connie Francis appeared in Fort Lauderdale last Friday to promote Memorial Day Weekend events surrounding the 50th Anniversary of her classic and cult beach flick, Where the Boys Are.

Ms. Francis—an American and malt shop icon—has had a love affair with her gay fans and admirers for decades. She has even been quoted as saying that the Boys movie is,“The gay national anthem.”

For Gay Adults in Recovery Seeking Love and Friendship

Introducing SoberGayDating.com, a website devoted to the sober, gay, lesbian, bi and transgender community living in and practicing the principles of 12-step programs of recovery.

Even in the largest of cities, it is difficult for gay adults living clean and sober lifestyles to find and connect with other gay friends in 12-step meetings of recovery, friends who understand not only what it’s like to be in recovery but what it’s like to be gay and in recovery.  Worldwide, 12-step meetings for the GLBT community are rare and hard to come by.


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