The LGBT community certainly will have a proud presence at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, even if there are not any openly gay athletes.

The first-ever Olympic Pride House is located in the boutique hotel known as ‘The Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre,’ marking the first time in Olympic history that gay athletes will have a dedicated place to relax with family, friends and fans.

A senior representative of the Family Research Council went on national television last week and called for all men who engage in homosexual acts to be locked up.

Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow for the FRC, had been debating gays in the military when he ran into a hardball from MSNBC host Chris Matthews.

“So you think we should outlaw gay behavior,” Matthews asked.

According to the latest numbers from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, an unprecedented number of U.S.-based businesses have earned the organization’s top ranking as “Employers with Corporate Equality Index rating.”

HRC, the nation’s largest lobbying and political action organization for GLBT rights, lists in its just-released 2010 rankings 305 major U.S. businesses that earned the top rating of 100%.

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke made his first public comments Friday about son Brendan’s death last week in a car accident.

Brendan, a senior at Miami University and advocate for gay rights, was killed Feb. 5 in Indiana after his car slid sideways into the path of another car on a snowy road. Burke’s friend, 18-year-old Mark Reedy, also died in the accident.

"I'm from' Evokes Activism of Harvey Milk.

Nathan Manske sat in a theater last winter, watching the biopic “Milk,” starring Sean Penn. Moved by Harvey Milk’s battle cry of “I’m from Woodmere, NY, and I am here to recruit you”, Manske came up with a unique idea.

Manske would chronicle the experiences of gays and lesbians in a website. All he would do is have them post where they are from. Manske’s premise was simple.

On his website, anyone can upload a story about their own personal experiences as a GLBT person. The stories are not limited to coming out stories. Instead, there are a host of varied experiences. A website of stories containing “Mom, pass me the cranberry sauce. I’m gay,” would tire out quickly.

After a columnist for The San Fran­cisco Chronicle claimed that Judge Vaughn Walker is gay, some religious groups are clamoring that he recuse himself from presiding over the federal trial for Proposition 8.

Several groups opposed to gay rights have issued statements that a homosexual justice constitutes an unacceptable bias in a case over California’s ban on gay marriage.

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