Mike Penner Trangendered Suicide

Not Just Dorothy Anymore: Transgendered Persons Deserve Equal Rights Too

The suicide this past weekend of LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner, who for the last few years wrote under the byline of Christine Daniels, leaves me today with a desire to rant and rave over an insane anomaly in American human rights protections.

Hubby Hubby Ice Cream

Hubby Hubby Ice Cream Marks Gay MarriageBen & Jerry’s ice cream is renaming their famous "Chubby Hubby" flavor to "Hubby Hubby" for the month of September to mark Vermont's legalization of same-sex marriages.

Mike James former editor for Express Gay News

The President's AIDS Day address is online, and in city after city, communities will gather this Tuesday to pay tribute.Having a President that cares matters, because AIDS is still with us and is very real.More often than not, like last week in Fort Lauderdale, when the Office of National AIDS Policy solicited public opinion, we hear stories of survival. More and more people are living longer and longer with HIV. It is so encouraging. Too encouraging.

Gay Hockey Player Brendan Burke

John Buccigross of ESPN.com has written a compelling piece on a young man named Brendan Burke, coming out to his dad Brian Burke, a National Hockey League GM with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Gay Aviation Scholarships

Ever wanted to be part of that mile high club?Here is just a short feel good piece for Thanksgiving. As a news blogger, I try to celebrate the gay community for its charitable endeavors and professional achievements, recognizing how much we achieve with our clothes on.

Adam Lambert Defends Gay Kiss

I come to praise Adam Lambert, not to bury him. This is an artist I really want to meet.Just two days ago, I did a piece asking us to allow Adam Lambert to be accepted as a performer, and not to worry about his role as a political activist. The gay community has somehow demanded of him to be something he is not.

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