A 229-year-old Catholic university will now have room choices for LGBT students.

Founded in 1789, Georgetown University will have specifically-catered LGBT housing options for the first time, according to PinkNews. This change comes after the school initially rejected proposals from the campus’ LGBTQ Inclusivity Policy Team to add the option.

“Our Catholic and Jesuit values call on us to engage with ‘respect, compassion, and sensitivity’ with our LGBTQ community,” Georgetown Vice President Todd Olson said.

LGBT policy team leader Grace Smith told PinkNews the move was “a big deal for a Jesuit university.”

“This means that students will now begin to have a unique residential space dedicated to exploring and understanding themselves and others in relation to gender and sexuality,” she said. “Congratulations to everyone who made this dream a reality.”

According to PinkNews, students can request accommodations beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year. This comes nearly 10 years after the school formed its LGBT resource center in 2008, according to the New York Times.