Your New Year’s Resolution? Well, it is that time again. Quit smoking?  Quit drinking? Quit relationships?  Quit sugar?  Quit _______?

Join a gym?  Join a church? (Please do this… it is good for you.)  Join a social group?  OMG!  The list goes on and on and on.  So many resolutions; so little time!

Though all good in one way or another…don’t do any of the above.

Instead, do this.

Treat 2019 and the past like the past.  Yep.  It is over.  Done with.

Grab the “Etch A Sketch” of your life and turn it over and shake it like heck!  Then turn it over and bam!  It is blank.  The screen is ready to draw something pretty and new.

In order to really change life for the better you must forgive yourself the mistakes of the last year.   And before that too!  Make that your resolution.   Now here is what I tell you:  Forgive and Remember!  That’s right.  Forget that stuff about forgiving and forgetting.  Gets you nowhere.  But forgiving and remembering gets you where you wish to be on New Year’s or frankly, any other time.

By forgiving yourself, you acknowledge your own “human-ness” and also realize that you may make the very same (or maybe worse) mistake again.   In a theological sense you recognize your own dependence for help on the Divine; God, if you will.   “I will, with God’s help.”  This, is the prayer you offer in forgiveness in your future; your new year.  Your 2020.

By remembering, you acknowledge your mistakes of the past and you can feel justifiably proud of progress that you have made within your very own and unique context.  It is your life.  And, also by remembering you will be empathetic to another person who may be challenged in the same way that you have been.  It This will make you kinder.  

tpcFaithinstory2020112020Forgive and remember!  Forgive the past and remember how remarkable you are!  And to paraphrase that great song from La Cage – “You are your own special creation” and you are loved by God.

Happy New Year


may God bless you in this New Year!

Fr. Tim Carr