We often don’t notice how blessed we are, or how thankful we ought to be, until what we have is threatened or taken away.

It is good and fitting that as Christians, we celebrate gratitude; for God has certainly been good to everyone here; here in South Florida, here in the US.  Someone once said that gratitude is the source, the generator, if you will, for all other virtues.  If that be the case, then perhaps we can assume that ingratitude may well be the source of all, or at least many of our missteps as well.  When we take for granted what God has done for us, we become calloused and unable to fulfill what God has given us to do. For us, every day ought to be a day of thanksgiving.   

OK, Father … what has this got to do with Valentine’s Day?

We need to perceive the ways that God has blessed us. The devil will do her best to keep our perception from the blessings of life.  Satan will constantly tell us how bad we have it, of how everything is wrong in our relationships. You see, it’s when we begin to realize how much we have, that we will truly begin to be thankful, and when we are thankful, our hearts will abound with love that has so graciously been given.

This Valentine’s Day don’t just buy someone a valentine!  Open your heart, your real heart, the one in you!  Thank God for the person(s) who are a part of your life.  Even better, thank the person(s) who are part of your life for being a part of your life.  Make this Valentine’s Day not one of hearts on cards or chocolates; but THE one when you show the heart that God placed inside you and represent the appreciation for the love that surrounds you on every side.  In any way that you can, let those who love you know how much they are appreciated and what they bring to your life.

Love.  What a blessing!  Celebrate it.  

All Souls’ Episcopal Church Miami Beach
Rev. Timothy P. Carr