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40 Days.  40 days of Holy Time.  This is the time during which churches enter the Season of Lent, a time of anticipation, a time of preparation, a time of transformation during which we anticipate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The death and resurrection of our Lord establishes a miraculous transformation.  Once, a young person tried to stump his pastor by asking her, “who is the person in the whole world, ever, who had the greatest sin?”  The pastor responded, “Jesus Christ.”  Through his death Jesus took unto himself the sin of the whole world, dying the death that was, in truth, ours.  In his rising, Jesus gives to us the life he himself experienced coming forth from the grave.  A New Life.  A New Creation.  A miraculous transformation from death to life, not only for Jesus, but for us as well.

The gathering of the church for worship reflects this transformation.  Always it proclaims Christ’s victory over death and the grave, and new life in God’s kingdom.  Indeed, through the lives of worship we catch glimpses of his kingdom.  For, we cannot give of ourselves in praise and adoration and not be changed ourselves.  Lives of worship become lives of service.  The worshipful life is one which seeks guidance from God, submits itself to God’s will, and celebrates God’s purpose for us.  A life of worship is one in which prayer is unceasing. The worshipful life is to live the cruciform life of our Lord, the cross-life to which we are each called.

During this season of repentance, may the presence of our saving God touch your life and bring to you the joy of God’s forgiveness and new life.

The Rev. Deborah L. Geweke, Pastor

Christ Lutheran Church