A few weeks ago the Gospel presented to us Jesus meeting a person filled with demons.  He comes seeking.  Void of identity.  Lost to the past, lost to the present and with no future.  This person, like us, stumbles down to the water and meets his destiny in Jesus Christ our Lord.

He has no identity. When Jesus asks his name; the demons answer.  THE DEMONS! His name is Legion.  Just like the story, today in many communities and by many people, a person may be referred to by their demons.  “That drunk”  and “that druggie” and “that nut”  We all do it. The leadership of our country does it. It is a stark testimony of why we all need a little religion today, maybe now more than ever.

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus spoke of love and grace and compassion transcending the government and legalistic religion.  Paul preached that love and grace and compassion were not only superior to legalistic religion but to the government laws of his time.

Pride month has long been a designated time of celebration for the LGBT community and those that support us.  But we must remember who we are all 365 days of the year.  I am an unapologetic PROUD Episcopal priest.  And I am, just as I am, a same-gender loving person, made in the image of God and blessed by God not just in June but 365 days a year.  It you are a woman, if you are Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, whatever you are, know that what you are is a blessing and be thank for it all year long.

We are each a gift to the world.  And, like Legion and in Jesus Christ, we each have the opportunity and the responsibility to be our authentic selves.  We NEED to be our best selves so that in turn, we can make this world a better place.

I believe that what matters at the end of the parade and at the end of the month is not our “gayness” or our “straightness” but rather a new discovery of the richness of who and whosewe are.  God’s.  Be proud of YOU!  God is.

Godichest blessings,

Fr. Tim 

All Souls Church – Miami Beach