It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the transition of the Right Reverend Grant Lynn Ford from this experience of life to the next.

We will miss our friend, and as he would want, we also rejoice in the knowledge that his journey is not over but continues on another plane. He will undoubtedly keep us in his prayers in realms beyond, and we will remember him in ours. 

Grant would have been 80 next month. My last moment with him was sacramental. It was on Ash Wednesday when I imposed Glitter Ashes on his brow and performed the Sacramental Rite of Anointing. It was preceded by an hour of chatting and joking, which was always requisite with Grant.

Grant occupied multiple sacred spaces: Pentecostal, Sacramental, and New Thought. He blended them with joy and offered his hybrid spirituality freely to all who might benefit. Even in his rehab facility, he was offering prayer and pastoral guidance to the staff even as he tickled them with one liners and mirthful zingers.

He continued to be proud of Sunshine Cathedral. He was the pastor of the Cathedral for 22 years and after moving to Northern Florida and then Texas, he returned home to Fort Lauderdale and began his ministry as the Senior Minister Emeritus. As such, he reminded me of successes of the past, celebrated with me the successes of the present, and encouraged me for the road leading ahead.

My primary task in this moment is to share with the multitudes who loved Grant that his body no longer houses his essence. Let us grieve each in our own way, but let us in our grieving also remember happy times. Laughter always blessed our dear friend, and will do so still.

We wish comfort and strength for Grant's daughter, Terri, and for all his family and friends, near and far.

Goodbye, dear one. Rest in peace; Rise in glory. Amen.

Rest in Peace Rev. Ford 

Kevin KonkleHe was the first LGBT minister I ever communicated with... Via a brand new thing called the Internet, many years ago. I was a scared Pentecostal married pastor, finally realizing I was gay. He made a difference for me. Well done. 

Gail Tapscott– His like will not be seen again. He was a great Interfaith colleague and a valued friend. I participated in his big Christmas Eve services at the Broward Center for many years. A giant of ministry for sure.

Brendan Y. Boone – Oh No. I am so sorry to hear this! Thank you Grant Lynn Ford for being Love and Light to so many of us through the years. May the witness of your life, work and ministry find a way to continue to live through us all. You will be missed! Our loss is certainly heaven's gain!

George Rick StoferI don't think Grant really realized how many lives he touched. I certainly was one. I don't think I could have made it through the AIDS Pandemic without his strong and loving guidance. I would say, "Rest in Peace,” but I'm sure he is already busy in the next world. Thank you for your pastoral care to all of us who attended the Sunshine Cathedral!

Wayne BesenI’m sorry to hear this sad news. Grant was an extraordinary pastor. It was my great honor to work with him on a few LGBT advocacy projects. He was always a wise statesman for our community and touched many souls. I’ll never forget this amazing man.

Noah Kitty –  He was a tremendous leader, and a blessing to all. May his name be for a blessing.

Bill Collins– Sad news - he was the staple to our church back in the day. Gosh he will be missed.

Peter MengI am terribly saddened by the passing of this loving and caring man of God. He was amazingly inspirational and humorous at the same time. He will be truly missed by all that met him.


Celebration of Life Services 

Sunday, March 31 at 2 p.m.

Sunshine Cathedral 

1480 SW 9th Ave.