Faith: Come, Let Us Gather Together

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It’s not about numbers.  Really, it’s not.  But sometimes numbers are the thing that jumps out and grabs your attention, especially when the numbers reflect wonderful Sunday church attendance in the middle of summer! 

What a joyful sight to look out from the pulpit when preaching recently only to see a church filledwith people…and in the summer no less…only to recognize some time later the reality that: it’s not about the numbers!

Why not?  In virtually all other areas wherein “success” is measured, it can be measured by numbers.  How many subscriptions does a newspaper have?  How many attendees does the local sports team record?  How many diners does a new restaurant serve?  And so on and so on.  Numbers in the church, however, tell us something different.  Numbers in the church tell us not how successful the church has been, but how successful Godhas been.  For it is God who calls, gathers and enlightens us.  It is Godwho draws us to gather and knits us together as community.  And this then is the church—a community that has been brought together and gathered into one—the only number that matters!

Christ Lutheran Church is just such a community.  While we come from different backgrounds, experiences, and orientations, we gather as one community—brought together by the cross of Christ Jesus and gathered around our Lord’s Word and Sacraments.  This is the “success” that binds us together—the call of Christto gather.  

By The Rev. Deborah L. Geweke, Pastor

Christ Lutheran Church