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A friend, Monica is the most intelligent person I have ever met. You don’t know her. She and her wife, Amy have adopted 6 kids!!! Six! Let’s just say that Amy and Monica have chosen a journey that includes many experiences! 

Monica is remarkable at many things. She is successful and well known for being in tune with what is going on NOW; right NOW. Today. This moment. On Trend. I went over their house for a nice family visit prior to my move to Florida and Monica used an expression, “Check that box!” Now you all don’t know me, but I am a little out of tune with the NOW. 

According to the Urban Dictionary – “Check that box” 

Implying that there is a list of boxes that can be checked in life, indicating the various experiences one has had, and checking off one of them. Various skin colors, sexual orientations, and physical features are all examples of boxes that can be checked off one's list. 

Hmmm … Turns out I have checked MANY boxes…LOL! Recently I met a remarkable woman on the oncology unit. Her name is Trisha. She is 52. Trisha and I have become close as she nears the end of her life. (Speaking about the fact that we are NOT immortal but eternalcan do that.) We were sitting there and speaking of her death when she used an eerily similar expression. She said, “When I first joined my company, I checked all the boxes.” 

You see, in her sadness at leaving this life, Trisha found solace and comfort in the fact that she is VERY well insured and that when she joins God, she will leave her family in a secure financial position. As humans, as mortal beings, we take our comfort where we can. I firmly assure you that her 3 sons and her husband are not thinking about their financial security! 

For her boys and for Tim, her husband, there are so many boxes left unchecked. Trisha will not dance at her boy’s weddings, or hold her grandchildren (physically), or place her hand in their Baptismal waters. However, as Christians we are assured that Trisha will live on. Her boys will have families. Their kids will have families. And, their children will have families. All the while Trisha will live, her light there; guiding and loving her family with a power of which we can only dream. 

Check that box, Trisha!

Human life is fraught with uncertainty and insecurity, and perhaps for this very reason we are tempted to strive for a measure of security and control over the vagaries of life through our own efforts or accomplishments. But, use caution never to accord finitethings infinitevalue. 

Choose for yourself a journey that includes many experiences! Live life to the fullest! As it states in Luke …"Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry."

Check that box!

Father Tim Carr

All Souls Episcopal Church Miami Beach