I grew up in a rough neighborhood in a mill town in New England.  (Back then, things were still made in mill towns here in the U.S.)  Not so much on the wrong side of the tracks as right on the tracks…

1 Peter 4:8 

The Edge of Glory…. Lady Gaga:
Put on your shades 'cause I'll be dancin in the flames
Tonight yeah, baby, tonight yeah baby
It isn't hell if everybody knows my name
Tonight, alright, alright
It's hard to feel the rush ... to brush the dangerous
I'm gonna run right to, to the edge with you, where we both fall far in love
I'm on the edge of glory ... And I'm hanging on a moment with you.

It turns out.  That I was not the only gay person in the town.  Obviously, I was drawn to the other… The other was a male hairdresser by the name of Ray.  Ray lived on the edge.  Eventually I came to be quite close to Ray and we ‘hung out’ as if we were the “only ones.”

All week Ray stood on his feet doing hair until Saturday at 5.  When 5 o’clock came Ray cleaned out the cash draw, flew to his Buick LaSabre, went home to a cocktail and then…. A few hours later… appeared as REJEAN!  Once, as I was watching Ray transform into REJEAN, she lavishly applied Mary Kay's Ultra Creamy Pan Makeup.  She looked into the mirror at me behind her and she said “This stuff, hon, hides a multitude of sins…” 

Rejean was gorgeous and fun and flaming and as I learned a holy, holy person.  You see, we were not the only gay persons in our area.  Young people forsaken by their families, the hungry, the outcast, the hurt and the ashamed knew of Ray’s goodness and they came to Ray for help.  Ray helped.  Ray loved them deeply.

Ray died much too young.  I travelled back home for the wake and to see him one last time. I was uncomfortable back in that town especially without Ray.

As I stood in line waiting to kneel and pray close to the casket I gently felt for the tube in my pocket.  I knelt.  I prayed. Then, without looking up I slipped a tube of Mary Kay's Ultra Creamy Pan Makeup into the casket.

1 Peter 4 - Above all, love each other deeply  for “This stuff, hon, hides a multitude of sins.”