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When we perceive life solely from the mind, through the lens of our egoic nature, we focus on the separation, strife and conflict.  

We see chaos in the world and in our lives.  We feel that life is a struggle where we need to fight for our piece of the pie and guard against every fear-based outcome.  Our perspective becomes cynical and our heart is closed off from the beauty and majesty that surrounds us.  When we are a child, our demeanor is very different.  We find joy in simple pleasures. We are quick to hug and forgive. We lose ourselves in the wonder of each new day.  We don’t have any pre-conceived ideas about others or a storyline in our heads about their motives.  We accept and embrace everyone on our path.  We live soulfully.  

So what happens?  Somewhere along the line we begin to adopt the collective conditioning that molds us into roles, responsibilities and opinions.  We are taught to make our sadness, fear, and anger about somebody else.  We are never shown how to accept all parts of our humanity so that the energy of love continues to flow unimpeded from our heart. The walls go up and we start to feel more isolated and alone.  But even this, is part of our soul’s plan.  Lyrics from U2’s, Cedar Road, express it brilliantly, “A heart that is broken, is a heart that is open.”  Our suffering doesn’t break us, it opens us back up.  It allows us to connect again in a vulnerable and authentic way.  The journey back to our soul is one of de-construction.  It is the systematic breakdown of everything that has been superimposed over our consciousness so that we can return to connection.  Connection with our self, and with others.  

From the highest perspective, or “Oneness,” we have never been separated or alone.  We abide in a unified field of cosmic consciousness.  We have always been connected.  The love has always been there supporting us.  That is true for every human being on the planet.  The problem lies in our ability to perceive it.  We can look at a planet in chaos or we can see that humanity is evolving, very rapidly right now, towards the realization that everything and everyone is connected.  One energy.  One Love, expressing itself as 7.5 billion individuations of the whole.  

We are waking up, and what is required from all of us right now is to perceive the truth in each other and be open to embracing instead of resisting.  Resistance to anyone or anything merely serves to lock the separation in place.  It’s important to take time to connect to the lifeforce within.  It is only when we become still, that we perceive the subtle truth.  That love is the undercurrent of our experience.  That we are in fact, cosmic beings of light.  Splendid and Glorious.  Your 5-year-old self knew this.  It’s time to shake off the amnesia and see the light in everyone, even if they can’t see it in themselves.

Mark Engebretson facilitates a weekly meditation each Saturday at the Pride Center, 3:30-5PM. Room #200.  For more information visit