This marks the 12th issue of South Florida Gay

We hit the ground running and we are now in full stride.

We have printed and published over 1,000 articles and 500 pages of news in less than 90 days.

Our website has surpassed over 2,500 page views on Mondays, the day we publish, and we are receiving 1,000 plus visitors daily.

Our South Florida Gay facebook page has close to 700 fans, and we have nearly a thousand subscribers for our daily e-mail headline blast.

Our publication has launched its ‘Read Red’ and ‘Read All Over’ campaign, based on our distribution of over 100 indoor news racks and 50 outdoor ones.

When the paper is distributed on Monday mornings, three sets of independent contractors drop off the South Florida Gay News to over 360 locations in the tri county area, from Washington Avenue in South Beach to Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.

Beginning last week, we undertook even a more costly initiative, expanding our distribution network to selected CVS pharmacies and 7-11 stores in three counties.

As for content, we immediately signed a contract to be an affiliate of the Associated Press, and our reporting includes international LGBT features. We also contracted with Keen News Service, run by the renowned former editor of the Washington Blade, for national LGBT news reporting. We anchored that by partnering with Q Syndicate, to add breadth and diversity to the paper with features including LGBT comics, crosswords, and horoscopes.

Separate from the news content, starting with our very first issue, Mary Damiano and JW Arnold brought in their seasoned writing styles to inaugurate a cosmopolitan entertainment section. Already, ‘SFGN’ Nites has reviewed dozens of plays and performances from the opera to live theater. Joey Amato and A. Sebastian Fortino have also peppered the section with dining and travel reviews.

We have even run a special quarterly supplement on HIV, entitled ‘The Spirit,’ testimony to the continuing struggle against AIDS.

This newspaper took a leap of faith in this community that you wanted a credible, substantial and informative LGBT publication. We took the path less traveled by. We have focused on our real lives and the tough battles we experience as gay men and women in a straight world. The paper you are holding in your hand right now is free to you, but not to us.

If you believe in what we are doing, then help us sustain and continue this publication by sharing your limited advertising dollars with us. We do not ask for philanthropy or charity. After all, as you are reading this paper now, so too are your friends.

Making our business better can also help make your business prosper. Historically, marketing studies show that the best way to reach the LGBT consumer is to advertise and support an LGBT publication. Thus, an ad in our paper today can put a dollar in your pocket tomorrow. Help us help you by joining the team of advertisers reaching out to make SFGN the best damn gay and lesbian paper in the United States of America. After last year, there aren’t many of us left!