Some people might consider this the third issue of SFGN. Your publisher considers it the 208th issue of The Express. I apologize for the six year hiatus.

My goal in selling The Express in 2003 was to pass the baton of a credible gay and lesbian newspaper to an established institution that would carry it forward for generations. Who better than the operators of The Washington Blade to entrust your baby to?


As it turns out, Window Media and Unite Media were not able to weather the tide, meet their loans, or manage their expansion successfully. Their run has ended and the baton has been passed again. I am not here to blame them for failing. So too have many other established media entities in America failed in the past few years. The gay media is not alone. In the face of all that, bucking the tide, we bring to you SFGN, circa 2010.

It comes about not just by my efforts, but because others have taken a leap of faith. My business partner believes in America and the dream that gays and lesbians need a passionate voice. Piero Guidugli expresses himself thusly in an op-ed today.

The article, ‘Sucker Punched,’ this week’s feature, is not meant to lambast anyone. It is rather to tell a story to everyone. When businesses fail, real people really get hurt, even if no one intended for it to happen. We have heard it said before, but the best laid plans of mouse and men often go astray.

South Florida has a checkered history with gay media. For decades, we survived with one credible newspaper, The Weekly News. Though eclipsed by The Express in 2002, Publisher Bill Watson stoically produced for many years a newspaper the gay community could be proud of.

Before the Agenda came to town, Paul Harris plodded for years with The Independent. Brad Casey fathered Scoop, and The Buzz buzzed in and out, as had before them David, the Black Book, Muchacho and Outlook. There was Miamigo and FYI and others who have come and gone. Maybe the Stonewall Library has a master list. Many have tried.

All had dreams of success; of building a better mousetrap. So it was with the publishers of the South Florida Blade and 411. So it is with SFGN. We have visions of what could be. We can criticize those who have failed, or applaud those who tried. Choose the latter.

There are never any promises in the roads ahead. We can only say that with each issue of SFGN we will offer you credible writers, entertaining journalism, and plenty of exciting reading.

When Benjamin Franklin came out of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he was asked, what kind of government our representatives had created. “A republic,” he said, “if you can keep it.”

Our goal is to deliver to you a community newspaper you can keep; one you can respect in the morning and share with your friends in the evening. Ours is a paper which will show gays and lesbians at work and at play, in your offices and in your homes, with your clothes on.

The bottom line is that we are a FREE community newspaper, and we need the community to support us so we can support you.

Every dollar we earn goes back into a newspaper you can be proud to call your own. Help us help you make it happen.

As you extend the limited advertising dollars you have available in these challenging times, please consider our newspaper an option and alternative to promote your business.

If you are reading this, imagine too how many of your friends and colleagues are also.

If you are willing to make an investment in us, we will make one in you.