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Welcome again to our annual ‘Best Of’ Issue, which I hate passionately, from our fluffy logo to the arbitrary and capricious determinations of who is the best at anything.

My anger is nothing new. Each year, we do this. Each year, the section grows. And each year, we piss more people off. Really. Remember, when you say a few are the best at something you are reminding everyone else they are not. You make more people unhappy, than, well- gay.

Let’s face it. This is not scientific polling we are using. Our selections are based solely on your votes. A lot of people who did not vote are kicking themselves now, but it is not like voting on the best pizza is as important as selecting the next presidential candidate, though you will get a lot more satisfaction out of a good pizza pie.

Speaking of which, don’t anyone dare tell me that anyone makes a better pie than Franco and Vinny’s on East Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, who have been doing it the same location with the same owners for 40 years. We all have our passions and our favorites. Some people rub jelly on their belly. It’s to each his own, a cornucopia of free will. Today’s paper represents your determinations, not my predispositions.

Disagree with the choices and selections? Tell us why. Don’t dis the other guy, just write back to us and tell us why your guy should have won.

And damn, vote next time.

So here we go again, running an issue that delights the few and pisses off the many. At least I can say this as a publisher- if you won, it should be taken as a testament to your success. It means your community appreciates you; that people put your name and business out there for recognition and achievement.

And thus, we salute the winners. particularly Crunch, my favorite gym. Of course, they asked me NOT to say I actually even work out at a gym. Don’t want to damage their reputation.

However, Greek theologian that I am, may I respectfully point out that I admire all of you who simply go out and work your hardest and do your best everyday. That is all that can be asked. It doesn’t matter if you are a janitor or a judge. Be proud of who you are and the work you do.

In closing, I still hate ‘Best of Issues.’ They seem to be unfair to so many of you who work so hard to be proficient and the best at what you do.