The loss of Justice Ginsburg profoundly affects all Americans.

RBG's lifelong journey advocated gender equality, civil rights, and human dignity. Her life and legacy will be remembered and revered by the LGBT community to be sure. 

RBG was a giant of American jurisprudence. The highest standards. The greatest dedication. The warmest wit. Born in Brooklyn.  A special woman — one of only nine in a class of 500 at Harvard Law School.

There is a biblical passage, "Justice, Justice, Thou Shall Pursue."  RBG saw discrimination and challenged it; saw wrong and righted it. 

With unyielding energy and an indomitable spirit, Ruth Bader Ginzburg has inspired millions of Americans. None of us are indestructible, but she was as close as you come. 

In a year that has had profound losses, this one may impact all of us for decades. This terrible night and huge loss is again a reminder that our battle for equality never ends. It is tested time and again. Very shortly, that bell will ring again. Answer it we must. 

On this evening, however, SFGN simply joins with millions of Americans, expressing incredible sadness at her loss. Tonight, we salute the life of a woman who has made a measured difference in the life of America.

May the blessings of that life illuminate our tomorrows. 

Rest in Peace, dear friend.



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