A newspaper represents the diverse thoughts of an entire community, not just the particular thoughts of its publisher. That we publish a breadth of contrasting opinion does not mean we sup- port the ideas of each writer. It means that everyone has a right to write us with their own views. It means that we come together as a news journal not to censor the rights of any but to secure the rights of all.


A newspaper has an obligation to be the voice of many, not the bullhorn of one. A real newspaper allows you to read things you approve of and get pissed off about the things you don’t. A real newspaper not only reports our achievements and accolades but exposes our warts and wounds. A real newspaper is educative and entertaining, with illuminating profiles and legitimate exposes.

In the past week, we were criticized by covering the ‘GetEQUAL’ protest in Coral Gables against President Obama. “Why give them any attention,” one writer asked? How about because it is as news- worthy to report on a rally protesting the President’s LGBT policies as it is to feature a human rights dinner hosting one of his advisors as a guest speaker?

Angry about the protest? Want to call GetEQUAL GetSTUPID? You are entitled to. Tell us- online immediately if you want. We may in fact find room to print your letter in our paper, but you can find instant gratification as hundreds have by posting a comment immediately under the story on our website.. We are interactive. We upload new content daily at www.southfloridagaynews. com. You can also register and receive daily email blasts from us there as well.

When you ask how we can publish the rabid remarks of tea party republican or homophobic religious leaders, we answer that it is as important to hear the voices of those who you agree with as those who disagree with you. Surround yourself with yes men only and you get no truths. You get sycophantiasis. If our community is to represent

you, we must be as diverse as the colors in the rainbow, allowing the breadth of our community to find breath in your paper.

We are not here to anoint anyone individually, but to treat everyone equally. We are not here to be the voice of the Dolphin Democrats alone, and we will not shut out the voice of Log Cabin Republicans either. Everyone gets to be heard, but on this edito- rial page, we express our opinions.

But we won’t endorse a Rick Scott for governor when an Alex Sink is a candidate. She deserves your vote. He is a Neanderthal that does not even deserve to be a candidate. His company has been investigated by the Attorney General for consumer fraud longer than he has even lived in the state of Florida. Governor? Please! Our newspaper does have a con- science, and it will not let us support Governor Crist in the U.S. Senate race, even though as the election draws near, Kendrick Meek seems destined to lose.

Pragmatic gays may choose to hold their nose and support Crist as the only chance to topple Rubio, but our paper does not have to be pragmatic. Our goal is idealism, and we dream. Yes, we dream of a world where our community is treated as part- ners rather than pariahs. We help make that day happen when we endorse candidates, who stand by us like Kendrick Meek, not

circumvent us the way Charley Crist steadfastly has. Similarly, our CEO has a few choice words about the GOP in his op-ed today. So while we admire Chip LaMarca’s credible campaign for County Commission, we stand by Ken Keechl as a distinguished mayor who represents our community and this county well.

SFGN recognizes that it is your LGBT newspaper of record for the South Florida community and we have an obligation and duty to you. The size of our paper, the quality of our content, and the breadth of our advertising speaks for itself. If anything, we owe you an apology, because we can’t fit everything we want into the paper every week that we want to.

As we go to press on this, our Election Day issue, stories are being unfortunately bumped. Very frustrating, because though we publish more pages and articles than any other LGBT paper in the Southeastern United States, it is still a business, and not everything makes the cut. However, SFGN is www.southfloridagaynews.com for a reason. What you do not see in print is available on our expansive and growing website.

Let’s face it though. Gay business is becoming America’s business. From CNN to FOX News, the mainstream media is covering gay adoption, gays in the military, gay bullying, and gay businessmen and women. We are out everywhere and the same people who avoided us are now courting us. Witness the county’s daily newspaper, once a voice for homophobic voices, now publishing a Pride Guide. The times, they have changed. With the professional success, political activism, and economic clout we have demonstrated, no one is going to tread on our rights anymore. Be proud. You made it happen.

As our paper expands, more and more people are picking up each edition. We know many locations are running out of copies each week. If you need a news rack, or papers, call us. We will be there in no time. We publish weekly but replenish our distribution points daily. We cannot be everything for everyone every day. But we hope you find a home here every Wednesday, knowing that our paper is your home for your voice and our community. We thank you for allowing us to fulfill our vision, and invite you to partner with us in protecting our rights and insuring our independence.