As our community celebrates its Stonewall Festival in our hometown of Wilton Manors, let me tell you a little bit about SFGN.

We publish a damn good newspaper, and we have been doing that for two and a half years. This is our 130th issue, and we pride ourselves on original content, continued creativity, and community conscientiousness.

We are proud that we have created the South Florida Gay News and The Mirror

Magazine, along with on our own. We are proud to be publishing newsletters for the Pride Center in Broward and Compass in West Palm Beach. We have achieved this success because you believed in us and we believe in you.

We believed that if we published a credible newspaper affiliated with the Associated Press and forged media partnerships with the likes of the Sun-Sentinel, the Florida Press Association and the Society of Professional Journalists, you would stand by us. You have, and we thank you.

When we published our paper this week, along with the ‘Guide to the Drive’ that we will distribute at the Stonewall Festival, we landed our 500th account since the inception of our paper on January 25, 2010. That means 500 different businesses have had the faith and finances to invest in us.  They don’t do that out of charity.

Businesses support us for the same reason they will go to the Manor for a drink or the Alibi for a burger. They are getting a true pour, fresh food, and bang for their buck.

Page 40 this week pays tribute to those who we have partnered with. We have developed these associations only because our content is credible, the articles original and the columns written with a journalistic background, not some trade ad.

Our newspaper also will never demand of an advertiser that you promote your business or product exclusively with us for some phony discount. That is a disgraceful and shameful practice used by scam artists. It limits the exposure of the company seeking to share their business venture with the community, saving a dime today only to lose the whole dollar tomorrow. Our newspaper exposes those kinds of frauds and ponzi schemes. We do not participate in them.

We look at all of our advertisers as business partners, and it is our goal to illuminate your business, your practice, and your profession. You have brought more than just your dollars to our community. You are bringing your heart, soul, and faith in the future. We understand that and we want to showcase you.

New Staff Joins SFGN Team

This week, we introduce Gideon Grudo as our new Managing Editor and Sergio Candido as our Online News Director, enhancing our presence with news and social media sites.

They will both work under our award winning Editor in Chief, Jason Parsley.  Our web site will continue to post online news daily with Dennis Jozefowicz, and it will soon include visibly significant upgrades. You can also download a modest and functional SFGN app on your smartphones.

Mike Trottier manages our sales team, and he is working with Edwin Neimann and Justin Wyse, who, to their credit, are bringing in new accounts weekly, while heading our marketing department is John Fugate.

If you want our paper delivered to your venue, or your event listed in our datebook, call Brian Swinford, our office manager, and he will get it to you.  Of course, you can also read our paper online as a PDF, or pick it up at any of 50 outdoor red distribution boxes.

Aesthetically, our paper remains visually spectacular because of the early morning and late night efforts of our creative director, George Dauphin, who also put together our last copy of ‘The Mirror’, already on shelves from South Florida to San Francisco.

What we do is here at SFGN is publish a community newspaper and magazine, which illuminates our lives and tells the truth. If you advertise with us, what we offer is a simple, ongoing, honest business relationship with a credible LGBT newspaper. If we are doing our work right, it makes you proud to call it your own hometown paper.