Newt Gingrich has decided to launch a campaign for the presidency by campaigning against CNN and the liberal media. Booted out of the House Republican leadership a decade ago not by Wolf Blitzer, but by his own party and colleagues, he now wants to make it seem like his dishonesty yesterday does not matter today.


No one cares that Newt may have had 19 wives and a harem in his Washington, D.C. apartment. But this is the same guy that wanted Bill Clinton out of his office for his sexual infidelity. He says the media is biased? Maybe, but not the way he thinks. Has he seen Fox News lately?

Whining conservative crybabies keep on forgetting that it is the right-wing Rush Limbaughs who control syndicated AM talk radio show airwaves. On local stations as well, there are a wealth of hosts infecting day parts with Allen West sycophants and the Dr. Lauras of the world.

Every major network focused their news coverage on Houston when 150 Evangelicals gathered there two weeks ago to endorse Rick Santorum. You would think the Earth was shaken by their testimonials. Every August in Seattle 150,000 kids get together to ask for the decriminalization of marijuana in their annual hempfest, and it barely gets a footnote in the national press. Apparently, even the ‘liberal’ media prefers Houston and evangelicals to pot. Actually, as these candidates gather to discuss the right of the states to regulate marriage and their own affairs, it would be nice to hear what each person thought of the federal raids on state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Listening to this choir of would be GOP presidential candidates; it is hard to believe this is 2012. When you hear them talk about LGBT rights, it is as if they are dissecting a frog they don’t want their fingers to touch; like it has nothing to do with them. You might as well be listening to Southern white politicians in the 1950’s telling you where they thought Negroes fit into society. You just don’t see any of these guys standing up to white only water fountains, and as for Ron Paul, he would simply say the government has no business spending any money on water fountains.

Is it surprising to learn that while most kids in his generation were protesting the Vietnam War, Romney was an activist defending it? Of course not, and no he did not serve. He became a missionary instead. He still is, but his mission is to take hold of a White House that will never embrace LGBT rights. The best you can say about Romney is that while he does not hate gays, he hates all the judges who have judicially secured rights for us.

The viable Republican candidates are uniformly opposed to advancing LGBT causes, and some are actually running against us. Meanwhile, Gingrich likes marriage so much he has tried it three times. Santorum comes to South Florida to talk and his biggest supporter greeting him turns out to be our loving friend, the former Fort Lauderdale mayor, Jim Naugle.

Fred Karger, an anonymous gay Republican candidate, is profiled on our front page. It is marvelous that a gay man has tried to claim the Oval Office for a living room, but having spent his life in the closet defending values inconsistent with LGBT causes, he might have better begun his political career as a candidate for City Commission rather than President of the United States. Let us at least applaud his courage and drive in advancing nationally an agenda considerate of LGBT causes. If only the powers that be had let him into some of the debates, we might have heard a diverse opinion.

Unfortunately, from the exclusion of Gary Johnson to the exorcism of Jon Huntsman, the Republicans are not embracing diversity. They are demanding allegiance to an outdated provincialism, which is oblivious to the melting pot America has now become. From attacking immigrants to occupiers, they want a return to the past, not a door to the future.

An example was when Gingrich was asked to comment on the incredible social dynamics of the ground swelling ‘Occupy’ movement in America. Instead of addressing the seeds of national discontent that have left people on city streets in tents, all Gingrich could say is that ‘they need a bath.’ It was an attractive sound bite for the evening news, but that type of bias and bitterness does not belong in the White House. Neither does any of the Republican candidates who have emerged thus far.