Publisher's Message: The Mirror

We are proud to re-launch our quarterly magazine, with a new name, title, and look. Welcome to The Mirror. We bounced many names around, but I reached the conclusion that The Mirror contained a message. After all, a mirror reflects who we are, and so does our magazine. It is a reflection of our lives.


Like anything does, this magazine is driven by content and credibility. This issue features notable citizens who are leading the path to equal rights for all of us, along side a cerebral discussion concerning a case the Supreme Court will decide involving same-sex marriage. This is but a bare snapshot; a microcosm of who we are and where we are going as a community.

We are also republishing, from our newspaper, our two-year investigation into the entrapment of gay men in South Florida parks. Because this magazine will be circulated in gay communities throughout the United States, we want to populate these pages with hard news as well as lighter fare. These types of arrests still take place in cities as far apart as Palm Beach and Portland, and this magazine is being sent from San Francisco to New York City, to popular gay venues in each locale.

One of the features we also highlight in this magazine is Scott Pasfield’s book, Gay in America. It is a collage of gay men, at work, at play, being themselves, as they are. We are not all going to become Rickey Martins or Anderson Coopers, for that matter. But our lives can illuminate and strengthen the community around us simply by being lived well. His pictures tell a tale that we count and that we matter, and that we are living normal, productive lives. We already know that. We just have to share our message with a few people that still have their head in the sand. Unfortunately, too many of those still hold public office.

It is a quote of Pericles, which I turn to often, that inspires this venture. “If Athens shall appear great to you,” he wrote,  “consider that her glories were won simply by citizens doing their duty well every day.” Each step we take into the sunlight lets the world know that LGBT Americans have a right to be proud Americans.

We are athletes and activists, entertainers and artists, tax advisers and legal scholars.

We are a part of society, not apart from it. What we do with our clothes on in the daytime should matter a lot more than who we partner with in the nighttime with our clothes off.  Born this way? We should be proud of who we are and what we have achieved. We should be more proud of what we are still going to become. Just look at the two pages of pride festivals we showcase in this magazine. How can we not smile with joy at the part we play in the world we live? How can anyone even dare think we are not entitled to equal rights on an equal playing field?

If The Mirror becomes true to its purpose, it will reflect our lives and illuminate our achievements. It will be a magazine you can place on your coffee table in your living room, or in an office at your place of work. Our history needs to be recorded accurately and truthfully, and that is why we found a place on these pages to write about the Stonewall National Museum and Archives in Fort Lauderdale, which houses a marvelous collection of archives chronicling our past and preserving our future. It is the reason we found a page to celebrate the life of the late Frank Kameny, who stood firm for decades against discrimination of gays in the military.

The fights that Mr. Kameny saw reach closure at the end of his years does not mean all of our battles are over. There is still bullying in our schools and discrimination in our tax codes. Professional athletes and even entertainers have a hard time stepping out of the closet. Each Republican presidential candidate is oozing an offensive anti-gay platform that would delay our quest for equal rights in employment, marriage and in our schools.

There are causes still to be fought, and rights still to be won. Most of all, there are stories about our lives still to be told.

We are proud to share The Mirror with you, and bring life to some of them.

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