Once again, the Mirror is proud to showcase a cross-section of gay life on our pages.

Once again, these pages are populated with credible content and a serious commitment to in-depth LGBT journalism.

As we continue our march to social equality, we need foot soldiers. Not everyone has to be a Neil Patrick Harris or Rickey Martin. As Pericles wrote of ancient Greece, it's glories were won by good people simply doing their duty each and every day.

In our very first issue of the Mirror, in 2010, then named SFGN.com, we featured an emerging gay lawyer named George Castrataro- undertaking the defense of Mike Verdugo, a distinguished gay Hollywood cop, who was unjustly fired from his job because of an inconsequential porno shoot he had filmed years before.

Today, the omnipresent Castrataro is one of our community's most dependable and dedicated advocates for social justice. Down the block from the offices of SFGN, entrepreneur Mike Verdugo, owns and operates Body Tek, one of just three fitness enterprises bearing his stamp, hard work rewarded.

Norm Kent, Publisher

In this issue, writer Nicole Wiesenthal profiles how HIV activist Tyler Curry uses his status to empower others. In a previous magazine, we ran an article profiling Will Spencer, a local philanthropist who underwrites Camp for Health, and is now a Vice President for Kids in Distress.

I remember another piece where we illuminated Dr. Howard Cunningham's mission, along with his partner, to adopt an Eastern European child.

Though this very issue features a marvelous essay by Christiana Lilly on the history of same sex marriage, Florida's present governor and attorney general are in court this month fighting marriage equality. What have they learned? Foolish they are. We will not be denied. Law, history and a group of distinguished lawyers, straight and gay, are in our side. Like Elizabeth Schwartz in Miami, they are simply good people doing their duty.

You don't have to publish a newspaper or host a radio show to make a difference. You can volunteer at Stonewall, contribute to Poverello or run a benefit for the Pet Project every summer. You can counsel in a rehab, work a booth for Pride South Florida, or help set up the next Broward House 'Bare-a-Thon.'

We make a difference by caring and commitment, volunteering and participating in the lives of our community, whether you are sitting on a zoning board or riding a bike for the Smart Ride.

You see, even if you are sitting on your ass, you can still be serving the public good.

It gives your life meaning.