With the pending decision from the Supreme Court on gay marriage, SFGN elected to postpone its publication of our newspaper to Thursday in order to include the ruling in today’s paper.

But it also gave us an opportunity to attend the meeting of Pride South Florida on Tuesday night. At that meeting, the board had an opportunity to reprimand or discharge Marc Hansen, its co-chair, for refusing to turn tax records over to SFGN for review.

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The board also had the opportunity to dutifully turn the notices the IRS sent them to SFGN. You should be aware that they have been audited and they were required to turn documents over to the IRS. This is an organization whose past executive director went to jail for fraud and embezzlement.

This is a pride group that should be red faced, ashamed of its past directors, eternally grateful that the LGBT community gave them a second chance.

Instead of transparency and openness, the disgrace and stain that was initially just Marc Hansen has now tarnished and irrevocably doomed the entire board of Pride South Florida. They have silently stood by and done his bidding.

The same board that brought you a convicted felon, who stole your money, now has entered into a mutual conspiracy of silence to prevent you from learning about information concerning their IRS audit.

Here are the facts.

First, the Board of Pride South Florida hurriedly met in the middle of the night last Thursday to copy secret documents, which had to be turned over to the IRS by last Saturday.

Apparently, Pride South Florida does not want to tell you they may have failed an audit or improperly prepared their returns. So they refuse to turn the IRS notices over to SFGN for review.

For all we know, we could have another felon on the PSF Board embezzling your money.  You would think PSF would double over backwards to make sure no one had any such impression. All you can say is, ‘Wow!’

Instead, Marc Hansen had the audacity to post on the Pride South Florida Facebook page the request they got from the IRS was a “routine form” not warranting public review. The truth is he was so alarmed over it he told the board he was going to ask Congressman Diana Wasserman Schultz to intervene in their behalf.

Then Hansen announced he would ask attorney Dean Trantalis, a Fort Lauderdale city commissioner, to intervene. Trantalis has foolishly defended the cover up, trying to explain it as an “administrative” matter. No, it is not, and no lame defense will make it so.

It is an administrative debacle, a community nightmare, and instead of opening up and sharing with you what the IRS is looking for, or why they are looking into Pride South Florida, they have chosen to deny you access to public information.

Hansen apparently is willing to do anything but simply tell you the truth about what is going on. The entire board could have demanded the same as well, but they have chosen not to do so. Instead, they have said you are not worthy of their trust. And you have to say now they are not worthy of yours. They have chosen hypocrisy over honor.

This is more than just Marc Hansen now. The rest of the board has supplicated itself to his authority. Find out who has courage and who are the cowards. Please, by all means, stop them, question them, and ask them what they are hiding and why. Why?

On Tuesday, the board stood silently by as Marc Hansen even denied an advisory board member a copy member of their own tax documents. Utterly shameful! Are they kidding? Here at SFGN, we intend to find out whether a circuit court judge will agree with them. We doubt it.

When all is said and done, keep in mind all that Pride South Florida had to do was turn over to SFGN a notice the IRS sent to them regarding their tax-exempt status. The question you have to ask is why are they afraid to do so. What are they trying to hide from you – if not the truth?