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You lost, Donald.

You bragged that you were going to ‘run the table’ from Iowa to the convention, but they ran you out of town instead.

You have spent so much of your time as a candidate criticizing others; you may have forgotten that voters still have the right to humble you. In Iowa, on Monday, they did.

Did they treat you unfairly, Donald? Are you going to demean and disgrace them as you have your colleagues in the presidential primary?

Exposed to the light of a presidential campaign, you have proved yourself to be an intellectual featherweight who uses a loud mouth and large pocketbook to push around the people who stand up to you.

Let’s look at some of your critiques, and how they impact our society.

When you are married three times and oppose gay marriage once, you support advancing homophobia, not hope.

When you say you would appoint ‘conservative’ justices who might roll back the same sex marriage decision of the Supreme Court, you are not making America great again; you are making America more hateful.

When you wrap yourself in the endorsement of the vile Duck Dynasty star and Jerry Falwell’s son, what does that say about you embracing equality for all the citizens of this country?

When you mock Ted Cruz for being subservient to Goldman Sachs for a loan he paid back, what does it say about you that you filed bankruptcy to avoid paying back the loans you took out?

When you circumvented the Vietnam War as a deferment-seeking draft-dodger, how to you dare make fun of a presidential candidate who fought, was captured, and tortured in that same war?

When you mock Marco Rubio as being too inexperienced to be president, what does it say about you that he paid for and worked his way through school with odd jobs, but you were given a quarter million dollar hand-out by your dad?

When you say you are going to be a strong defender of the Constitution, how do you reconcile that with the fact that it would be patently unconstitutional to round up eleven million Americans and throw them out of the country without due process?

When you brag that you donate frequently to charities, do you purposely mimic and degrade individuals with physical disabilities?

When you say the Mexicans are rapist and murderers, what makes you think any of their leaders will want to ever talk to you again? Aren’t these the same immigrants you employed in constructing buildings with loans you got from banks you now say you can control?

When you say that you are a dealmaker, but all you do is belligerently attack world leaders and policy makers, why would any of them want to sit down and talk to you?

When you can’t stand up to a female reporter, how can we believe you can stand up to a dictatorial leader?

When you say you will be the best president on Earth for women, but you have demeaned and belittled females personally and professionally with misogynistic comments, why should anyone conclude anything other then that you are a hypocrite?

When you say you are going to appoint to your cabinet known leaders with a national reputation, will you stand by your endorsement of Sarah Palin as such a leader, in the time she has when she is not bailing her wife-beating son out of jail?

A world leader inspires dignity not disgrace, he aspires to greatness, not grandiose humiliation of his adversaries. Last week, you found out that the polls lie and people, voters, have the ultimate power.

Everyone understands that you don’t want to be ‘politically correct.’ But when it comes time to vote, you will learn that no one at all appreciates you being fundamentally indecent.

As I wrote in a column about you a year ago, you have proven yourself to be a clown who cannot engage an adversary intelligently, only belittle them abusively. That’s not debate or discussion. It’s disgraceful, and time for you to get off the stage.