You are a whiner, a crybaby and a spoiled brat.

Soon, you will be a loser, too. So sue me for calling you a dishonest, double-dealing, draft-dodging demagogue. I dare you, big shot.

Your money, like your mouth, doesn't scare me.

In my 40 years as a lawyer and journalist, I have met murderers and madmen, con artists and crooks, demons and dragons. Lots of them spew fire. You? Simply hot ash.

So come at me, big shot. I will take you on.

Like you, I am a New York kid, who like most of our friends, played in a sandbox in concrete schoolyards. But we grew out of it. We became adults, not acrimonious, arrogant, assholes.

We came to understand that the Statue of Liberty meant we were growing up in the most cosmopolitan diverse community in the world.

We built a city not to restrict anyone, but welcome everyone.

How did you ever fit in?

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We don't mimic and mock disabled persons whose lives are strong enough to overcome physical challenges.

We celebrate soldiers whose capture deprived them of the very freedoms they were fighting for.

We disagree polemically with politicians without calling them childish names and belittling them personally.

We admire women and their beauty, without groping them, disgracing them, and sexually assaulting them.

We welcome diverse religions, multiple cultures, and the unique but healthy cultural  differences of our communities. We don't build walls to keep people out, but bridges to bring people in. If a mother losing her American son in combat is not enough to gain your respect or get an apology from you, what is your own self-worth? Shameless and embarrassing you are!

We oppose the policies of our political adversaries, without denigrating their beliefs or their ideals. You attack them because they don't applaud your own. We want bold leaders in America, you clown- not feared dictators.

So come at me, Mr. Trump, because you have been hoisted on your own petard. It is your own words that make you toxic and criminal. You are the one who electronically recorded your own confession, revealing to the world that you walked into dressing rooms of beauty pageants to stare at naked girls; that you bragged you used to do that all the time.

And as for boasting you can grab a woman's pussy freely, what a damn pity that none of them ever kicked you back hard, right in the nuts.

You started off low enough, Donald. All you have done is gone from the gutter to the sewer, where rats live. You should feel right at home.

When United States senators become 'Little Marco' and 'Lying Ted', or 'Crooked Hillary,'  do you know what you become? A predatory animal. A flawed candidate. A rotten person.  You opened the door, Trump, and it's about time more journalists like me slammed it in your face.

It's a shame more reporters have not stood up to you sooner, as you have ironically been crucifying the very media that built you up. Now they- we- are tearing you down. Tough break, buddy. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

When you suggest a federal judge from Indiana can't decide a case because of his Mexican heritage, you become a slanderer. Yeah, let's 'open up' those libel laws so you can become its first target.

When you knowingly lie for years that our president is not an American with your spurious 'birther' claim, you reveal your racist self, articulating a bogus claim to delegitimize the first African American president in the nation's history. By the way, can you really produce a degree from Wharton, or is it one of those worthless ones from Trump University?

And you call yourself an author, when all your books are ghost written, by authors who call you a House of Frauds? I am surprised they don't all end at Chapter 11, because not many Americans could lose a billion dollars in a year running a casino. I guess the 'House' wins as long as you are not the owner. So come after me, big-shot.

Today, faced with an unceremonious and brutal defeat in the presidential election, you are doing the same to Hillary Clinton, baselessly and speciously claiming that the election is rigged against you, a billionaire white boy. Rigged, my ass! No, you son of a bitch. Too much of America has been made to protect people like you.

America protected you when it gave you a half dozen chances to rebuild from your multiple bankruptcies which screwed over thousands of people you never paid.

America gave you a chance at a clear life with your four student deferments to avoid the draft in the 1960s while 50,000 men of your generation died fighting in Vietnam.

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America is giving you the right and free speech to demean and disgrace our soldiers today, calling our military a 'disaster' and our generals 'rubble.' I wonder, Mr. Trump, would that right exist in an administration you supervised? I doubt it.

You won't give LGBT couples the right to marry once, but America gave you the right to pay for three divorces, and get married again and again.

America is giving you and your rich fancy corporations the right to take millions and millions in tax deductions, while millions and millions of poorer Americans living week to week and paycheck to paycheck struggle every year to pay their fair share. They don't live in Mar-a-Lago with gold-plated toilet seats while guys like you crap all over them.

America is also a place where if you live long enough Mr. Trump, you find karma. The good you do comes back to you. But guess what, Mr. Big Shot? So does the bad. The floodgates are open. Those female 'pigs' you were talking about? Like Miss Machado, they vote now- legitimately in numbers that will be correctly counted despite your desperately barren claims the election will be corrupted. Dishonesty? No, that's your department.

You will get your drug test, Mr. Trump, soon enough. Maybe when your audit comes back.

One week after you unceremoniously presented to the press a parade of women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct  – amazingly an hour before a presidential debate involving his wife – the innocent residual victim of those accusers, you now face your own. Irony?

You can deny these women their day even though your own words reveal you to be deceitful and dishonest, a hypocrite and a liar.

You can demean yourself further and denigrate them more by suggesting they were 'not attractive' enough for you. It's more proof in the pudding that you just don't get it; that you are every bit the misogynist we say you are.

And not all Republican nominees are bad people, either.

Some might be rapists, some might be criminals, but some might be distinguished Americans like Mitt Romney, wealthy but with the wisdom to conduct a campaign that preserves the dignity of our democracy. You, Mr. Trump, have no dignity, no conscience, no temperament. You are nothing, just a bitter, angry old man, frustrated that your life has been a fraud and you have been exposed as a phony.

You have a hedonistic, condescending, self-indulgent personality that tolerates no speech other than his own. That is dictatorial and despotic, unhinged and radical. You are perfect for Qatar, not Queens.

In your rallies you refer to 'you people' and 'your country' as if it were not all 'ours.' One thing it can't ever be is yours. Your candidacy threatens the very liberties we have in the country that are dear to so many.

So come after me, Mr. Trump. I will bet my 40 years as a constitutional rights lawyer trumps your 40 minutes of fame and national misfortune. I will bet my reading of the first amendment is accurate and yours anachronistic. I will bet that courts protect my right to criticize you, not your desire to silence me.

Your candidacy has been rejected and repudiated by more party officials than ever before in the history of our nation. But not enough.

Where are the voices of those who once stood up to Senator Joe McCarthy?

Where is the conscience of the Republican party?  On a bus with Billy Bush? Or in the dressing room of a teenage beauty pageant with Donald J. Trump?

Here is a man fueling insurgency, impugning the integrity of our electoral process, and transparently lying to preserve his poisonous candidacy, and a wealth of his colleagues look on in shocking silence. They may be more of a disgrace than the nominee.

'They' are the Tea Party remnants who have been cultivating fear and hate for years now, holding up national budgets for partisan claims, shutting down our government in order to advocate their desperately discriminatory policies. They have no vision, only vitriol. They are disloyal obstructionists, not oppositionists. They helped make Trump the Republican nominee.

Presidential campaigns have been dirty before, but with the Roger Stones and Breitbarts of the world infecting this one-standing by Trump's side- this one will get worse still. But here is where Mr. Trump will really lose. Just watch the TV ads coming soon.

The truth is though that the election of Hillary Clinton will not 'lead to the destruction of our country.' It will prove again the inherent strength and resilience of our republic; that we can withstand the toxifying influence of Donald J. Trump, soon to be a dark and deplorable asterisk in American election history.

I will say this. The genocide in Aleppo is generationally cataclysmic. ISIS is fascist and needs to be crushed and eliminated. Syria and Russia need to be stopped.

Climate change is impacting our lives now, hacking is expanding, but Social Security, like health care, should be expanded. International trade and job losses are legitimate economic concerns.

Our rights as citizens to protest and dissent must be jealously guarded, and police have to be respected as well as restrained. Gun violence and assault weapons restrictions must be addressed in legislatures, schools, and communities.

Medical marijuana dispensaries should be supported nationally. College tuition can be cheaper. ENDA must be passed and a Supreme Court justice selected. White billionaires should pay taxes, too. These are the issues of presidential debates, not sex tapes.

I would like to see ideas debated and discussed. If they are, the farce and fake that is Donald Trump will be exposed; the facts that Clinton has on her side will be revealed.

More than anything else, if Chris Wallace is the Chris Wallace I know he can be, he will be the one everyone is talking about tomorrow- the man who proved Donald Trump never should have been on the world stage to begin with. But there is one leaving town in an hour. Hopefully he will be on it. Forever.