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If we let the very sick man who runs this country focus a debate today about who takes their knees during the national anthem, we will lose sight about the many Americans who have been brought to their knees in Houston, the Keys, and our territories, by hurricanes; who suffer every day by lame and limp federal relief efforts- and simply the massive natural devastation they encountered.

From Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands, the situation is calamitous; titanic and continuing- though not dominating every moment on the news any longer. Thank goodness CBS and 60 Minutes drew attention to the ongoing crisis last Sunday during its 50th anniversary show.

The sheer fact that this idiot Trump can hold political rallies in Alabama while our citizens are drowning in pain and enduring untold stories of anguish from San Juan to Key Largo is abominable. But it allows him to shift the focus of his very real responsibilities and duties to our citizens. Nothing like a cheering crowd and attacking minority populations to boost your spirits. The only race issue we should face today is how soon we can run Trump from the Oval Office.

You would think the elimination of transgender soldiers from our military warranted more than a tweet as well. However, America now has a president who is no longer the leader of the free world. He is a threat to it, toying with the notion of using our vast nuclear arsenals in 140 characters or less.

Trump is a white Aryan racist who branded himself a long time ago, even before he started his crusade against President Obama on the birther issue. He is simply a man who has more comfort sleeping with the David Dukes of the world than walking with LeBron James. He will fuel any vehicle that gives him an opportunity to call out African Americans, activists, and dissidents as less than equal.

The LGBTQ community, like Hollywood, will have its turn too. If you do not think Trump won’t come after you next, you are fooling yourself too. Trump is the kind of guy who thinks less of you because in his warped mind, your acts are not normal and his are. You don’t live a decent life and he does. If he has ever appealed to you, it was to exploit political gain for himself. He hates your faggot ass- because that’s what you are to him and his neo Nazi, Ku Klux Klan loving comrades.

Trump has no political party. He has no moral compass or underlying principles. He just seeks adulation and praise from wherever he can get it. Sadly, misguided Republican Party leaders thought ‘they’ controlled the House and Senate, and foolishly paid homage to Trump. But for his own greed and gain, the President will stomp on them too, caring less whose careers he crushes or ridicules in the process.

The man who bragged about mastering the art of the deal is incapable of making one. He can’t run a White House staff, appoint competent people, or even control his temper. He is a man of rage who should only be angered by his own inefficiency, ineptness, and transparent incompetence.

Any politician from either party that refuses to call Trump out as a narcissistic self indulgent presidentially ineffective racist ‬is a weak-willed wimp and disgrace who should be voted out of office themselves.

This is a matter of honor and not party. He has disgraced the office, diminished our nation’s reputation, and turned the moral bullying pulpit of our country into a bully’s guttural invectives a child would be spanked for.

In next week’s SFGN, I will outline the articles of impeachment Trump could already be tried for, starting with his part in a conspiracy to collude with foreign agents to help win the election. And that’s just the beginning.

In the meantime, let’s not worry about Trump. Inevitably, dictators and demons, imperialists and fascists, wind up shooting themselves by their own evil and greed.

Here, in South Florida, let’s worry about getting our local economy working again. Let’s find a way to help our friends in the Keys, our sisters and brothers on the Islands, and all the Americans, regardless of whether they sing the national anthem, now in distress.