No, I have not hired a publicist. No, I am not paying a thousand dollars for a market wire press release.

But yes, I am announcing today, in the midst of this hot Florida summer, that I am going back on talk radio.

I am going on the Health and Wealth Network, Kind of funny, though. Not sure I am either. 

I am making that announcement right here, right now, in this column, on the pages of SFGN.That should be a good start, as we get ready in our tenth year, to publish our 500thissue.


SFGN is distributed and disseminated to over 350 locations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We estimate that we have 25-30,000 readers weekly.

Aside from the newspaper, our magazine, The Mirror, is now delivered bi-monthly. Each product delivers content and creativity, and a commitment to conscientious journalism. That’s why we are still here. 

But it’s a free paper, so I have to thank our sales team as well. The reason we have made it is because the businesses that generously advertise get bang for their buck. Our LGBT community is loyal to our sponsors.

My radio show expands the SFGN product line. It adds to our very special LGBT universe a solid and spontaneous on air presence, saying with the spoken word what we know in our hearts- that our lives count, and our voices will be heard. 

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The advantage of the 21stcentury is that you can also listen to a radio show podcast anytime you want. You can hear the rebroadcasts in the evenings, or you can live stream in your office It starts on Labor Day.

I am not going to tell you that the show is the elixir for all the world’s ills. I won’t cure malaria by being on the air two hours a day, but I can sure expose a city commissioner who is trying to raise your taxes, or step on your rights.

Talk radio is still the universal public square. You get into a car, and you turn on the radio. Now you can also listen on an iPhone or do something called live streaming on a computer. I hope that is not illegal. If it is, I will take the case for free.

For some, talk is music to their ears. It can be harmony or cacophony. When you are sitting in traffic trying to make that light, and the guy in front of you is stopped dead, oblivious to the traffic, texting a friend about his dinner plans, you want to scream. Talk radio lets you.

We all wait on the phone 30 minutes to tell Comcast our Internet is down. Then, just as you are ready to speak, they hang up on you.  So might I. Welcome to life.

Thirty years ago, when I started this gig, I was practicing law full time. Now I am winding down a bit, with my partner, Russell Cormican, picking up the slack. One thing remains the same, though. We are still advocates. 

Our community still needs a voice. We come together as a society not to restrict the rights of any, but to secure the rights of all. Diversity is the strength of America. White supremacy is not. That should be hiding in the past.

Unfortunately, from the Oval Office to the chambers of the United States Senate, toxic messengers want to roll back our nation’s progress. We can’t let that happen. 

But it’s just a show, a radio show. If we can direct you to the best restaurant to get a good burger, give you a good hearty, laugh, or simply tell a story you can share with others, we will be doing a public service as well. 

It’s afternoon drive, and we start next month. Listen in, live and local, uncensored and unafraid.

Check out the homepage for the show @