As the year comes to an end, and SFGN does its soft holiday issue, I have to reiterate that the most dangerous person in America is no immigrant.

It is the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

It is not because of his vile and visceral nastiness, repeated lying or the guttural vulgarity his meanness reveals every day on Twitter and the world stage.

It is not because of his toxic racism, undeniable chauvinism, or his never-ending self-aggrandizing posts of how great he thinks he is.

No, it’s because this man, who speaks honorably of despots, demagogues, and dictators, wants to become one himself.

It’s because from the day he was inaugurated he has engaged in a systematic war on a Free Press, which he thinks is a cute and crowd-pleasing monologue. It is not.

Democracy is not a game show.

This is a nearly unprecedented presidential assault on journalism everywhere in order to discredit those who criticize him editorially or report on him factually. It’s despicable, and it’s treason, and anyone who joins in the use of his fabricated phrase, ‘Fake News,’ is complicit in the conspiracy.

Trump was not only smart enough to get elected president, he was astute enough to know the media would hate him for his arrogance, brashness and never-ending duplicity.

From the outset of his campaign, he knew he had to undermine them before they would undermine him. Thus, he undertook a sophisticated and coordinated plan to make them his tool of scorn and derision, so much so its credibility would already be shattered even when they legitimately went after him. It worked.

The press became Trump’s foil, and now, when the mainstream media exposes his crudeness or corruption, his minions scoff at it all as ‘fake news.’ Followers being what they are, everyone from school kids to nonprofit agency directors derisively deny accusations against them now as ‘fake news’ as well. Trump’s presidency has created a new lexicon of excuses for liars.

Trump is not a consequential president. He is a conspiratorial one. He is attempting to sabotage our democracy by demonizing independent reporters, undermining institutions, and dividing communities by fomenting cynicism. It is not just Charlottesville. It’s from coast to coast and there is a cost to all of us.

The tone and tenor from the White House has been condescending and crude, from its indicted and convicted national security advisor Michael Flynn to Steve Brannon, the refugee from a barber shop and 1878. Lock them up. They are poisoning politics. It did not take much of a dose, but they are lowering even those standards.

As George Bush recently said, “Bigotry seems emboldened, nationalism has become distorted into nativism, and political statements have been subject to outright fabrication.” And Bush was hardly a liberal. He was, however, an American first and Republican, second. Even Richard Nixon was.

Trump cares only about Trump.

Trump is a man who will try to destroy anything and everything that interferes with his self congratulatory promotions. A Free Press stands in his way. It is caustic and critical not celebratory and reverential. It analyses and evaluates, reveals and expose, unveils and discloses. This is not good for a man who lives with secrets, from his tax returns to his womanizing, from his law suits to his lies and misleading statements. At last count, there were 1,628 of them in his first 268 days in office.

He is not a conservative espousing articulate Reagan-esque principles. He is an unprincipled and purposefully vicious person who advances his own interest while denigrating and demeaning honorable persons who infringe on his largesse, whether they are distinguished United States senators or former directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It’s never been about ‘Little Marco.’ It’s always been about ‘Disgusting Donald.’

As the USA Today said, “A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine George W. Bush’s shoes.”

We join with the USA Today in asserting that Trump’s behavior is “sickening, corrosive to the enterprise of a shared governance based on common values and the consent of the governed.”

Trump’s own national appointees, from the Secretary of State to top CIA leaders have called him an ‘idiot,’ a ‘moron’, a ‘narcissist,’ and so much more, but those names don’t matter. What matters is that freedom is under attack, democracy is being threatened, and that the president is priming the pump for violence against reporters here and around the world. Those who get to see him up close know this.

The saddest part of engaging a bully on his terms and responding in kind is that you lower yourself to his unseemly standards. But tell me my friends where else do you fight a gutter rat than in the gutter? How else do you drain the swamp without being willing to wrestle the gator in his milieu?

Call the man for what he is- a would be despot who would ban dissent if he could. He already wants to put you in jail and fire you for not saluting the flag. What’s next? When will he say we have to start bowing to the president?

Has he already not demanded loyalty oaths from his staff and government officials who are supposed to be independent? Who is next? Do you need another White House staff meeting to watch the entire Cabinet grovel to his whims? We already have 98 percent of the Republican senators doing that.

Finally, there should be no doubt in your mind that the chorus of anger President Trump is orchestrating against the press is organized and conspiratorial, designed secretly by his own selected paid-off operatives, greased by the billions he has sleazily earned over the years.

One by one they will come forward and methodically throw dirt on his critics, challenging their patriotism and honor, with name calling and nastiness, questioning their integrity and independence. Make no mistake about it. That is the kind of person you are up against. An evil one. It happens.

As far as I am concerned, we are in a race, one to see if we can save our democratic institutions before a president named Trump destroys them. If you hear him say again the system is rigged, slap yourself upside the head. Remind your brain that that time he is the one rigging it. Rise to the challenge. Be a force for reason and righteousness, decency and dignity. Stand up to the man. Let him know you won’t be suppressed or silenced.

Make your voice heard like it is the 1960’s all over again. Protest with passion, with a song in your hearts and perseverance as your creed. Don’t let anyone turn you around. March in every rally, speak at every political event and vote in every election.

I have a new slogan for you: Take America Back.

Yes, my friends, the most dangerous man in America is Donald Trump.

Let’s start doing something about it with our pens and principles.