Since the outset of his campaign, our newspaper has called upon Americans to 'dump Trump.'

We even made an unprecedented endorsement of an LGBT-offensive candidate in the primaries, Marco Rubio, just to reaffirm our position that this country could not abide a Donald Trump candidacy. Everything we feared has come to pass.

The Republican Party has revealed its true soul, and a disgraceful and disgusting person has become their nominee. Donald J. Trump is not just a mean and mendacious mysogynist, he is a threat to the safety and security of the United States of America.

Worse than everything he says and does daily, so repetitively despicable, he has proven himself to be a fundamentally indecent person, eminently unfit to hold the office of the presidency of the United States. Yes, I know. We have said it before. But we must say it again, day in and day out, right up to Election Day.

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I cast my first vote ever in 1968, as an 18 year old at Hofstra University. It was for the Republican anti-war candidate, Charles Goodell. Our nation was engaged in a conflict overseas, torn apart by Vietnam and the draft, political assassinations and racial turmoil. We were radically divided, but we debated war and peace, issues and ideas.

President Richard Nixon demonized students, pot smokers and protestors, but we challenged his war machine, chemical polluters and institutional racism. The battle was fought based on causes and conscience.

I feel like apologizing to the world today. The false innuendos, nasty nuances, and evil conspiracy theories generated by Donald Trump have forever stained and tainted this election cycle.

Raising up for discussion the sexual dalliances of former presidents, questioning without cause the integrity of voting processes, viciously libeling the media, purposely maligning women, the disabled, federal judges, and virtually anyone who takes him to task, Trump has revealed himself to be a sick, obsessed, unstable human being.

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Trump, on a daily basis, has been slighting ethnicities, mocking obesity, demeaning women, and childishly name-calling his adversaries. He has reduced the campaign for the Oval Office to the lowest of the low, to the gutter. His foundation is a fraud, and yes, that's a double-entendre!

Truly, beyond question, he is the worst nominee in modern history to be a finalist for the White House. We must all vote against him. The LGBT perspective has to jump out at you.

Between Trump, Rudy Giuliani, who has become a rabid dog, and Newt Gingrich, they have nine wives. But they want to preach morality and family?

Starting with the gay community's own Log Cabin Republican club, the sad parade of Republican surrogates trying to defend this man are unconscionable. Too often running roughshod over the media, wrongly calling out the press for just simply doing its job, these apologists are shills for delusion.

Trump is not smart, not a genius, and by far, not the only one in the world who can fix our system or inspire our country. In fact, he is an anathema to everything this country is supposed to stand for.

In the face of this evil, remember always that our society is a melting pot of many nationalities; that we come together as a society not to restrict the rights of any, but to secure the rights of all. For a man who supposedly graduated a respected business school in Pennsylvania, it's clear Donald Trump does not understand that and never has.