The year approaches an end, and once again the LGBT is fighting for its rights. 

A corrupt White House scandalized by the worst American president in the nation’s history has led an all-out assault on the civil liberties of minorities, persons of color, children, Muslims, the gay community, and anything not Aryan or looking like Wonder Bread.

It would be one thing if the issue was policy and principle. But with a traitor living in the Oval Office, we have seen the nation’s heart and soul wrenched asunder. 

The President is a disgusting man with a filthy mouth. He disgraces our nation hourly, with his infantile tweets and moronic remarks. 

The Republican party leadership on Washington is hostage to his hostility, fearing they are the next target of his tyrannical tirades. And they cower instead of show courage. It is shameful. 

From environmental regulations which are being eviscerated to shockingly unqualified judicial appointments that are being confirmed, Donald Trump has turned back the clock on social progress, justice and equality.  He is an abomination.

The Democratic House of Representatives will not prevail with its impeachment, but it has at least saved this nation’s honor.

Last week, SFGN addressed in a feature article one of the regressive bills the Republicans would have become a nation’s law. It’s frightening, a scandalous reversal of progress we have made. The Fairness for All Act is anything but. 

This proposed bill is justly opposed by the vast majority of civil rights advocacy groups within the LGBT community. It adversely impacts our rights as a community, along with setting back decades of progress for minorities, women, and persons of color. The law would not end or counter discrimination. It would legalize it. 

SFGN recognizes this law is not on your radar this week. It is Christmas week, and you would rather be shopping or decorating the tree. Understood. But understand this. In a democracy, freedom is stolen not by a sword, but rather by laws passed in the dark of night and then enforced in the light of day.

Forget the battles we won yesterday. They do not matter now. We are being engaged today, from shore to shore, with a tidal wave of hate, empowered by a White House that has tarnished our dignity and shamed our country. So, we must once again roll up our sleeves. We have work to do again.

The LGBT community has been called upon before. We will meet the challenges again. Within our midst, we will find leaders to rise and speak out, fight the good fight, and win the battles that we need to win. I hear and see them on my radio show every day.

The persons who represent us could be authors or activists, politicians or professors. They are our neighbors. They could have been marketing executives in Portland yesterday. They are our leaders today.

My daily radio show has blessed me with the opportunity to give voice and amplification to so many good people of character and conscience. Many are worthy of the awards we will give out at our anniversary party.

If I have learned anything since I started the show in September, it is the depth of our soul and the mettle of character. No one is turning back the clock on LGBT equality. It is inevitable and it is just. It does not matter that many may try. All will fail. We have overcome before. We will again.

Maybe it has taken 70 years, but I have learned one recurring lesson in our rainbow of many colors. There is no finish line for justice; no destination point. There will be no ticker tape parade marking a permanent winner. Nope, won’t happen. So just celebrate today, because there is another race to be run tomorrow. And run we must.

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