Beginning next Monday, Sept. 16, my talk radio show returns to the local airwaves, 2- 4 p.m. daily on WNN 1470 AM and 95.3 FM.

“What hath God Wrought ?,” asked Samuel Morse

The world is different than when I first went on the air as a broadcaster thirty years ago. Today, the show can be live streamed at  

You can listen to the broadcast while working on your computer, sitting by your iPhone, or wait till the next day to access the podcast.

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As an attorney, I have been an advocate for free speech and your rights. On the air, though, you can’t win a not guilty verdict. You can’t cure cancer either, but you can talk about having to wait hours to see a doctor.

You can become a voice for common sense. You can speak out against politicians who trespass on your freedoms and city commissioners trying to raise your taxes.

For SFGN, and me, the radio show is another venue to ensure the LGBT community’s voice is heard and our rights are protected.  It is also a chance to showcase some of our leaders, makers and shakers, whose deeds and works make our lives better.

SFGN delivers quality content every week, and so will the radio show. We will be able to give you a platform to hear your own voice on those very issues that matter to you.

The faith our advertisers place in SFGN is because they know we are true to our task, conscientious in our work, honest in our reporting.  So too will the show be so.

Some of the initial sponsors of the Norm Kent Show are professionals I have known for years, quality individuals who first embraced the Express Gay News in 1999, long before it became SFGN in 2010.

SFGN is equally lucky to have a seasoned CEO, an enthusiastic sales team and hard working journalists devoted to delivering a quality product. 

We are also lucky in this town to have a wealth of honest LGBT professionals, distinguished and determined to deliver their services with dignity and quality. 

I am fortunate and blessed that gentlemen like Joe Pallant, John Castelli, and Dr. Howard Cunningham are amongst those helping me launch this venture by allowing me to endorse their services. 

Still, I do not discount, but rather applaud and recognize how many more professionals so steadily and honestly serve your needs conscientiously, and I don’t just mean the Dairy Queen with its Blizzard Floats.

The circle is big enough for everyone, and I hope to showcase all of us. There are too many to mention here on these pages alone. 

One of my favorite new sponsors, and there will be others, is It is an Expedia for diagnostic health care services, an online platform that allows you to pay the least amount for the best medical services you choose on your own, with no registration fees or strings attached.

My radio show expands the SFGN product line. It adds to our very special LGBT universe a solid and spontaneous on air presence, saying with the spoken word what we know in our hearts- that our lives count, and our voices matter.

You get into a car, and the first thing you do is turn on the radio. Your ears are always hungry. Talk radio is still the universal public square. People are passionate about it. 

Call 888-565-1470, and you can share your experience about waiting 45 minutes to tell Comcast how their phones don’t work. 

I am hoping the internet in Wilton Manors stays online for two hours for my show. The test pilot had problems. We shall overcome.

Either way, I will still be there making sure the little guy is not getting screwed. Right now, you still are. Cops are arresting you with felony charges for having a little THC in your cartridge pen. Damn, that’s wrong.

My law partner and I have already been to court to get a bunch of those cases thrown out. Meanwhile, your house is getting burglarized.  Our community still needs a voice, not to mention a lot more medical marijuana dispensaries. 

So if you are looking for a great conversation or a good restaurant, tune in beginning next week. It’s live and local, and will rant and rock. Beats listening to your partner bitch about how you failed to lock the front door or walk the dog.

Who knows, maybe you will find a good lawyer or great dentist, or a plumber who does not drain your wallet, but actually fixes the sink. Maybe we will even help you elect a new president. The sky’s the limit.