This week, as the Republicans carved out their presidential platform, they ‘softened’ their stand on gay marriage. They decided to leave it up to the states. How dumb can they be?

You cannot ‘leave to the states’ a right the Supreme Court has vested in all, regardless of where you live and what your zip code is. Gay love and marriage are not so dependent any longer.

The Republican Party’s nominee, the regrettable and self-righteous Donald Trump, also expressed a similar position this year, saying he opposed the Supreme Court ruling validating same-sex marriages.

The party of Abraham Lincoln, who issued the Emancipation Proclamation over 150 years ago, will not free the LGBT community to marry. Instead, they are married to a Neanderthal vision that will not protect our rights or stand up for our beliefs.

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By ignoring the import of last year’s Supreme Court decision, the GOP is ignoring the rule of law, showing they do not understand the judicial branch has the right to declare legislator’s acts unconstitutional.

But that is not all they are doing.

The GOP is also standing by the position which in effect bans transgender persons from using public restrooms. They are refusing to reject the discredited and disgrace conversion therapies, which seek to ‘cure’ gays. The Family Research Council and its sad leader, Tony Perkins, still infect the Republican Party.

Rachel Hoff on Monday became the first openly gay person to sit on the Republican Party’s platform committee. A delegate from the District of Columbia, she proffered an amendment asking the party to have a ‘thoughtful conversation’ on same-sex marriage.

“We are your daughters, your sons, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues,” Ms. Hoff argued to the committee. "All I ask today is that you include me and those like me.” They did not do so. She received only 30 out of 112 votes.

Ms. Hoffs is not unlike Rosa Parks. She was being let on the bus, but told to sit in the back. This is the Republican Party’s attitude towards LGBT rights. It also exemplifies the position of their standard bearer. And it bares their soul to a vision the LGBT must stridently protest.

It is really sad that the Republican Party establishment has walked away from the 21st century. It has got to be a humiliating moment for Log Cabin Republicans who were so faithful to their party, hoping against hope they would find a leader to step forward and speak out on their behalf.

The truth is that whether it was Donald Trump or the 19,000 establishment Republicans who ran against him, no GOP candidates embraced our cause, took up our banner, or stood by our side. That is shameful, and one more reason to reject their party, their candidates, and their platform.

Next week, on the evening that Mr. Trump is going to receive the Republican nomination, a coalition of gay rights groups will run an ad that criticizes laws passed in states like North Carolina that limit which public restrooms can use.

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On that night, Republicans will again find out that the gay and lesbian community stands up for ourselves, and we will not be denied our rights because of their mindless myopia. Their platform is dated, their vision foolish, and our voices will not be silent.

The Republicans can salute the flag with all the background music they can muster next week. It won’t matter. They have disgraced it.

This is a sad time for America, when violence visits us all too suddenly and senselessly. We have lost members of our own community in Orlando and one of those police officers wounded was a gay man, serving his country, serving his community, fulfilling his life’s goals.

SFGN’s message to the Republican Party and those who support them is to look to Dallas and Orlando. Wake up and see whose rights you are denying. They are your brothers and sisters longing for the equality of opportunity we all are entitled to share.

We are all given a small window in a large world to bring love and kindness to our time on Earth. We all create the world by each and every choice we make everyday. 

The Republican Party was given a chance this week to embrace a tomorrow where we are all equal. Instead, they linked themselves again to the past, a yesterday where there was only inequality and injustice. What a disgrace they are.