You thought we had it won, and the cat was in the bag. Not quite.

You are learning that the world is not stable, its leaders not sane, and your freedoms not secure.

You may have think you won on gay marriage, transgender people in the military, and equal rights in the workplace.

Guess what?

Freedom is something you have to hold onto, fight for, and never lose.

Today, in 2018, with repressive Republicans running both houses of congress and a narcissistic moron in the White House, you better do a lot more than throw parties on the beach to protect your rights.

You better find more than a marching band or float to cruise down South Beach or Wilton Drive.

You best find a partner in protest, a voice that is counted, a drumbeat that is measured.

The resistance is here, and you need to become part of it, not apart from it.

Empowered by the White House, hate is on the American horizon, not hope.

Parties on the beach, really? Yes, they are fun, yes they are celebratory, yes we need time to rest and relax, celebrate and party.

Guess what?

While we are partying at the shore, people are drowning in the sea.

Our rights are being taken away, our freedoms redacted. Equal rights are being savaged. There is treason, but it is coming from the Oval Office. Most of the equal rights initiatives launched by President Obama are already in Trump’s trash bin. These were regulations mandating respect for the LGBT community. There is no respect anymore. There are just regressive, repressive, reversals, and a parade of federal judicial appointments consisting of persons who never believed in equal rights for any of us.

So enjoy the Miami Beach Muscle fest and Fort Lauderdale Pride. Enjoy the water and the waves, but then make some of your own.

Think more about the AIDS walk though. You know, the Presidential council on HIV no longer exists. Everyone quit, because they understood the White House did not really give a damn about what they had to say. That’s why you have to. That is probably what should be on the front page of gay papers nationwide, not musicians on stage.

I know, we thought the water was calm and we were in command. We had leaders in high places who cared about the LGBT community, Dreamers, transgender people, and minorities moving up. No more. It’s become politically correct to become politically incorrect.

So to all my friends, young and old, I have this to say.

It falls upon us to light a new torch, bear a new burden, stand up for a greater purpose.

Make it happen, on social media, on Facebook, on Twitter, for sure. But make it happen in your own life.

It falls upon you to make a difference, and you might start by registering to vote, as boring as it may be. The life you change may be your own.