Donald Trump is correct when he says there has never been a candidate like him ever before.

He is the most repulsive and vulgar man ever to seek the presidency.

In every speech, at every turn, and in every breath, the Republican nominee for the Oval Office reveals himself to be crude and condescending, mean and mendacious.

Donald Trump is a threat to democracy; a demagogue who would be a dictator. He does not just threaten a free press, he jeopardizes the security of our society.

No folks, it is not Hillary Clinton who is unhinged, imbalanced or unfit to lead this nation. It is Donald J. Trump.

There is a reason even the most conservative of newspapers have condemned him, why political leaders from the Republican Party have steadfastly disavowed him. It is not the media. It is his mindless message and his manners; his myopia and his madness.

Please don't give Trump any more credit for manipulating the media. We have caught up to him. We are exposing every lie, revealing each inconsistency, and shedding light on his fear-mongering, his bigotry and his frauds.

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The YouTube video, Trump on Trump, with 20 million views, showcases the candidate's shocking duplicity, altering his views on issue after issue, day after day, month after month, year after year. He is a transparently dishonest and disingenuous person. He is a man of irreconcilable inconsistencies.

Trump wants to be a ruler, an imperial King, and a man who has people swear allegiance to his throne. He calls for loyalty oaths, complete submission to his rule, and sworn fidelity to his abhorrent causes. To fail to do so gets you excoriated and exiled, condemned and censured. He is unconscionable and unscrupulous.

We come together as a society to secure the rights of all, not to restrict the rights of any. The law and order Trump proposes is fascist and fanatical, violent and vitriolic, autocratic and authoritarian. Make no mistake about it.

When he says he wants his 'second amendment people' to do something about Hillary, he is calling for bullets, not ballots.

When he questions Clinton's 'physical fitness' for office, he is being misogynistic, intimating as a man he is much stronger than a woman.

When he scoffed at the silence of a gold-star mother standing on the podium in the Democratic convention, he meant to demean all of Islam, Muslims and religions where women are still struggling for equal rights.

When he referred to Megan Kelley's menstrual cycles or his manhood in presidential debates, he meant to show off his 'machismo' — but instead showcased his chauvinistic insensitivity.

When he says the voting system is 'rigged' and he will only lose if he is 'cheated,' he is telling us in advance he is a crybaby, a sore loser, and has the immaturity of a child in a sandbox.

When he mocks disabled reporters or a senator and soldier who was a prisoner of war, he reveals a cruel underside that has no compassion or concern for the country he seeks to serve.

When he claims to support veterans but spent years avoiding the Vietnam War as a draft dodger seeking student deferments, claiming a bogus injury of a 'bruised heel,' he reveals his history of hypocrisy, dating back to the 1960's.

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When he said he knows more about ISIS than “the generals,' he instead revealed his unbridled arrogance. He is a man who probably can't even name the governors in America, let alone the rulers in Afghanistan or Pakistan. He thinks the Nuclear Triad is a new social app.

When he is willing to sacrifice the good of the nation for the applause of a crowd, when he is willing to incite violence against protestors to get the adulation of an audience, he is shedding a light not only on his nasty and narcissistic personality, but his willingness to advance his own popularity at the expense of dignity and decency in the public square.

When he threatens to 'open up the libel laws,' calls the media a 'disgrace to humanity,' he is attempting to intimidate independent journalists and call into question historical judicial precedent.

When he revokes press credentials of respected newspapers and denies them to others he is demanding absolute allegiance to toxic Trumpian policies which poison the political system. He is attempting to hold journalism hostage to his dictatorial demands.

When he talks about 'extreme vetting,' 'taking out family members of terrorists' or that 'water boarding is the least people have to worry about' he is recommending torture and terror tantamount to the very violence we are opposing as a society.

Trump is attempting to make us as vicious and despicable as the very causes we are fighting. He is calling upon us to suspend the United States Constitution for foreigners today, and our countrymen and citizens tomorrow. Interesting, because he has probably never read it. Or 2 Corinthians.

When he talks about knowing more about economic policy than all the candidates combined, he means he knows how to exploit the system for his own pecuniary advantage, from not paying taxes to filing multiple bankruptcies in order to avoid paying legitimate debts to hard working employees. This is a man saying he wants to return jobs to America tomorrow while exploiting workers in China today.

When he bullies and personally demeans his political adversaries in public discourse by calling them nasty names, and reducing their stature, he demeans the office of the presidency. This behavior is downright juvenile, and poisons the political process, reducing it to a schoolyard sand throwing contest — which is where he belongs.

I am not worried about Barack Obama anymore. I want proof Donald J. Trump was born in America. I want to know how a man raised in the dynamic melting pot and diversity that is New York can become so fundamentally anti-American. He is a traitor to dignity, decency, and democracy. But ask me how I really feel.

Yes, America needs a wall built. It needs a wall built between Donald Trump and the Oval Office, our nuclear codes, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Between now and November, that is how I intend to spend my time. I encourage you to do the same.