Today’s editorial will be brief.

On Tuesday morning, Dr. Fauci was asked by Senator Elizabeth Warren if a vaccine for the coronavirus became available, whether it should be free to everyone.

Dr. Fauci avoided answering the question directly, stating that he was simply a scientist, not there to make public policy.

The good doctor, who has sworn to a Hippocratic oath to heal the sick, did not have to answer the way he did. He was trying to be politically correct. This is a time instead to be morally outraged and individually courageous.

The correct answer for any physician, or any American, should have simply been, Of course.Building a bridge that only goes halfway across the river does no pedestrian or driver any good.

At any cost to the state, as surely as every child gets a polio vaccine, so too should every person entering or living in the U.S. be given the vaccine for the coronavirus, should one ever become available.

The virus has proven to be not only lethal but easily transmissible and very contagious. It has spread globally and become the worst pandemic in a century. Of course, then, at any cost, any vaccine should be universally accessible, and not just nationally so. Even in CHI-NA, Mr. Trump. Looking at the White House, maybe there too.

Sarcasm aside, science and reason dictate ever so obviously that the more who are vaccinated, the less who will get sick. In a world where you can wake up in Michigan at dawn and be in Mykonos in time for its sunset, we should strive for a healthier and safer planet, governed by conscience and life, not boundaries or borders.

Correspondingly, the more who are tested, and made aware they are positive, the more cautions they can take so their contagion will not spread to others. The more who traced as having interacted with someone who tested positive, the more prophylactic steps they too can take to diminish the spread of a potentially lethal disease.

This is not rocket science. It is common sense, and for our country to survive going forward, we better start selling it cheap on eBay. You sure wont find a market for it at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. The Tweetmaster-in-Chief is a delusional mess.