Abraham Lincoln may have represented the Republican Party in 1862. Not anymore. He is lucky to be sitting down. He should be crying.

His party has been infiltrated by white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and delusional QAnon supporters. They revel and bathe in the slime.

The Democrats, however, have been looking at foreign enemies and Russian hackers, not the fury and flames burning on our shores.  Too bad, the cartoon Pogo was right all along when he said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Give those forefathers some credit. They sure knew what they were doing when they carved out those constitutional oaths, demanding our future leaders guard the American people against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

A year ago, Republican senators scoffed at the attempt to end Trump’s presidency based on the Ukrainian letter Democrats found morally offensive. I understood their objections.

In their mind, the measures were a step above Monica Lewinsky. It may not have been a perfect letter, but as impeachability goes, it was more partisan passion than principled violations of presidential mandates. Consequently, last year’s impeachment trial was dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate with some cause.

Today, though, this is a horse of a different color. There are no excuses, none. But the boy may have cried wolf once too often, leaving us saddled with one damn tragedy of incalculable proportions.

Impeachment, the 2021 version is not just credible, but morally and absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, it is just as dead on arrival. The Republican lot of United States senators have no conscience. They are cowards to the core.

Despite a treasonous and conspiratorial attempt to thwart our government from peacefully transitioning power, these morally myopic monsters are looking the other way.

Armed insurgents, verbally induced and gleefully encouraged by a president, killing police officers, and wanting to hang the vice president, are simply not enough. This losing lot of Republicans won’t be convicting Pretty Boy, dispatched though he is now to Palm Beach golf courses. Patriots they are not.

Mark down that you lived through a memorable chapter in American history. But you can close the book. We know the ending.

The second vote on impeachment will win too small a majority to reach the threshold of conviction, though television will play out the drama. The Republicans of 2021 will have the blood of dead police officers on their hands forever, but conviction and courage are not in their DNA.

As unconstitutional and unconscionable as the president’s acts were, he will not be judicially beheaded. He will get to say it was a partisan hoax. Let us be grateful that it will be from the ninth tee at Mar-a-Lago instead of on Air Force One.

The former president who deceived the American public at every turn, savaged a free press, sabotaged regulatory agencies, and corrupted established institutions of government plays on, alone and abandoned, anonymous and unwanted. For now.

The man who refused to promise he would peacefully surrender the reins of power did not do so. The red that now represents Republicans is blood red.

In most places around this world, our former president’s head would be hanging in the public square. Instead, because we live in America, we are burying the police officers defending the very buildings he was charged with protecting.

Because we live in America, courts will allow the insurrectionists to bond out of jail while they await their trial. While the former president golfs. So it goes.

The impeachment trial which begins next week is a moral necessity.  Don’t confuse it with Monica Lewinsky or the Ukrainian barber. This time the boy did not cry wolf. This time the house was on fire. The president burnt it down.

The week of Feb. 8 will deliver yet another escape for the dictator who would have been.

But for now, breathe. The sequel has been canceled.