Last April, I wrote a column entitled “Fox News is Fixed News.” I am updating the column with this issue.  

The lies they pollute the air with daily are no longer politicized. They are poisonous. Their words are no longer fixed. They are fatal.  

From Tucker Carlson to Judge Jeanine, they have hosts who are still more interested in demeaning and degrading their adversaries than in broadcasting truthful facts. Their lies allow the COVID-19 crisis to be downplayed repeatedly instead of described truthfully.  

A line from last April’s column still bears repeating today. The management team of Murdock and his madmen running this station are more interested in image than ideas. If they were captains of the Titanic, they would go on the sound system to tell the passengers, “We are making a brief stop to pick up ice.” 

Normally an editorial does not endorse books. But last week CNN’s Brian Stelter released an award winner, exposing the fraud that is Fox News. A great read, go get it today.  

The book “Hoax” details the morally bankrupt media personalities at Fox who have sold their souls by faithfully promoting the president’s propaganda in public while savaging him relentlessly in private. Even they know that President Trump is no stable genius.  

The reviews have been forthright and sensational. The New York Times wrote that Stelter’s book is a “thorough and damning exploration of the incestuous relationship between Trump and his favorite TV channel.”  

The MSNBC host Rachel Maddow got an early copy of the book to review. On the air, she said it was “a Rosetta Stone for stuff about this presidency that doesn’t otherwise make sense to normal humans.”  

The duplicity and deception poisoning the Fox Network are starkly reminiscent of a North Korean news network praising the holiness of their leader. They have become America’s state network, protecting the president at all costs.  

Tragically, during a pandemic that is taking lives daily, this deception is costing lives nationally. People listen to their media heroes. They follow their lead; swear by their word.  

As a radio host, I know this. I don’t care what I say on the air. If I went on as a frog, after 20 minutes, I will find at least one caller to say I have the best “ribbet” of any host on AM radio.  

Journalism is a calling. It requires truth and transparency. We do that here at SFGN. I do it on the Norm Kent show. Our job is not to cover up a story. It is our job to cover the story, righteously and religiously.  

Fox shamefully reports fiction and fantasy instead of facts. It is interested in ratings not reporting. They prostitute the truth. This book reveals the deceptions and distortions.  

Rome could be burning, and Fox will tell you that nobody plays the fiddle as Donald Trump does. For four years, they have teamed to hold the right and alt-right on a very tight string  

Fox can look at 1,500 rally goers without masks as “heroes celebrating freedom.” But if Nancy Pelosi comes out of her office without a mask on she will be accused of treason, around the clock. They color the news, distort the facts, and cover up the truth.  

As Brian Stelter reports, Fox News is the real fake news. Like the president, they project onto others their own sins, ones they have covered up for a decade.  

“The tweets of the president daily are simply the same misinformed and misspelled rants of an elderly Fox fan,” Stelter writes in his book.  

Fox is a private corporation with a public responsibility. When you see that being a Fox News host is a pathway to an administrative position on the West Wing, you realize how tainted and corrupt the relationship is.  

Most recently, we need to look no further than the stupid and sudden elevation of Dr. Scott Atlas to the coronavirus national task force. A frequent guest on Fox News who has downplayed the pandemic, with no infectious disease credential, the man is now counseling the president.  

It should be no surprise to you that Dr. Scott Atlas is now preaching “herd immunity.” Trump wants no more than to lead a flock of sheep who dutifully obey his commands. Rise up.  

Don’t be fooled by the lies and the deception. Fox News has become a tool of Donald Trump’s criminal conspiracy to sabotage freedom in the United States of America. Brian Stelter’s book reveals the systemic corruption at their network. Fox News has become a pandemic of its own making. 


OP-ED: Fox News is Fixed News