The cartoon Pogo said it best: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”  

The United States of America, the strongest nation on Earth, has been exposed, stripped naked to the bone. For all our power, all our might, in the face of a pandemic, we can’t do anything right.  

With 5% of the world’s population, we own 25% of the globe’s coronavirus cases, and 95% of its problems.  

In the face of science and research warning us that this is a frighteningly transmissible and deadly disease, we fight in shopping malls over whether it is prudent to wear a mask.   

How stupid is this debate?  

Does a sneeze guard not protect a buffet tray in a restaurant?  

Does a condom not protect you from HIV?  

Do galoshes not protect your feet in the rain and snow?  

Do helmets not protect you on a motorcycle?  

Do seatbelts not save us from suffering broken spleens in car crashes?  

For all our science, hospitals, research centers, and medical facilities, we have learned that we were not fully prepared for a crisis of catastrophic proportions. Now the truth is all the umbrellas in the world will not protect you from a tsunami, but at least if you see it coming, we ought to get the hell away from the ocean.  

Not America, though. Not Americans. We think we are invincible. We are a nation of bikers, pioneers, mountain lions roaring at the top of the hill. Nothing can beat us. Don’t care how strong the hurricane coming our way is. There will always be someone grabbing a surfboard as rough waves hit the shore.  

Is it surprising there are anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers in America? Hell, no. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Open the bars. Go to school. Play football. Rally for Trump or bike to Sturgis.   

Nothing can happen to us. Only to others. It cannot happen here.  

But it has.  

We are ever so vain. We are such fools on a hill. Blinded by the light we are.   

With Donald Trump at the helm, our ship of state is led by a small man whose huge ego and unsteady incompetence has made things incredibly worse. A pandemic in our country was going to kill many to be sure. But an epidemic of ineptitude in the Oval Office has instead killed so many more.   

Instead of making us realize we had to do better, he played to the myth that we were the best who could never be beaten. No real athlete ever so underestimated his adversary as much as Donald Trump miscalculated COVID 19. He may not understand this, but he wears a mask every day to hide who he really is.  

Don’t ever expect Donald Trump to take responsibility. In his kingdom, somebody else always takes the blame, even if he must bribe them to do it. He grew up as a little rich kid with followers fawning over his celebrity. Sadly, millions still do. That’s all he cares about — ratings and reverence.  

Donald Trump has taken the presidency of the United States and converted it into a pulpit for racially incendiary rhetoric that fosters nationalistic isolationism. He has made us into world outcasts.  He has turned an America once hailed as the leader of the free world into its greatest danger.   

Our world no longer views China, Russia, North Korea or Iran as the planet’s most dangerous threat. They view Donald Trump’s America, the Divided States of Pandemica, as its greatest fear. Why shouldn’t they? Increasingly, they have a good reason to be so frightened.   

Our president swore to uphold the constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights but he brings a shredder to it every day, ignoring the rule of law, the right to dissent and the independence of a free press. He read each as closely as the Bible, another good book he never grasped.  

Let me be blunt. Donald Trump and his government need to be overthrown. Fortunately, there is an election on November 3. We still have a chance to do it peacefully on that day. If we fail, expect civil unrest to follow. It will be warranted. It may be the only way to save our country from a tyrant.   

Donald Trump has polluted and poisoned a democracy that was already challenged. He will not let the reins of power go gracefully. He will continue his brutal assault on your right until the very last day he leaves office. While hospitals count the dead every day, he goes golfing every weekend.  

Let them eat cake.  

Folks, he is already trying to sabotage and undermine the election with specious lawsuits and false claims about mail-in voting, which he uses himself. He is already trying to instill fear into the American psyche about a rigged election instead of promising how he can ensure its integrity.  

Meanwhile, there are hot summer nights still ahead of us. We should be marching to preserve our freedom today and bring an end to the pandemic tomorrow. But this is America, and you may miss the suppression of democracy, because kickoff for the NFL is at noon.   

A pandemic? Don’t worry, it went away — magically disappeared. And Tom Brady is making his debut in Tampa Bay. I get it. We all want football. But COVID-19 couldn’t care less who wins the Super Bowl, so give me the latitude to be Donald Trump in reverse.  

If you ever want to go to a Broadway show or watch football again, and you don’t want this pandemic to claim a million American lives, vote to overthrow the dictator in the White House November 3, even if you must stand naked and unmasked outside in a storm.  


Win Florida and we will win the White House.