Last night, I found out from the President of the United States I am living life in the expendable lane. I am sorry, but my brothers factory in Hialeah just needs to put his 250 workers back to work. Dont worry, Richard. I am sure you will make a great personal representative for my will.

In case I do not make it through the coming apocalypse, I just have one simple question I want you to ask at my funeral: “How the hell did we build a world where we could send a man to the moon in 1969, but not have enough respirators for men on Earth in 2020?”

A host of epidemiologists are saying publicly that the viral pandemic can potentially infect almost 80% of our citizens. That is four out of five, and the mortality rate for those of us who hit the wrong buttons for the underlying conditions could be as a high as 90%.

Anybody out there want to take over my fantasy baseball team? 

Oh wait, there will probably be no baseball this year. Well, maybe I am wrong. When Donald Trump said on Monday the cure is worse than the disease, he was telling us he is not shutting down America for more than a week or two. 

I guess those 20,000 in hospital beds dying in a tent in a stadium without ventilators will just have to be moved to the sidelines before kickoff. Play Ball! The show must go on.  

The country will carry on, without me, you, or any of our friends. All of us are expendable. Laura Nyro told us that when she was a 17-year-old songstress and penned the words Blood, Sweat, and Tears would make famous:

 "And when I die / and when I'm gone / there'll be one child born, in this world / to carry on / to carry on." 

The President reminded us people die from the flu and car accidents, and if you happen to die from corona, so be it. You are an acceptable casualty. It's a war and we are all expendable. Sorry, Matilda.

If you are lucky enough to still be standing after all this over, do your life a favor. Get in the game. Do not stand on the sidelines. Hold authority accountable. Do not acquiesce to apathy or settle for mediocrity. Make the world a better place for you having been there.  

If the road is unpaved,” I wrote last week, "pave your own road." Find your north star and follow that dream. Like Smokey the Bear told us as little kids when we were watching cartoons, only you can prevent forest fires.  

When you stop by my tombstone, let me know how that trillion-dollar stimulus package worked out for all of you. Let me know if they built any respirators with that money. I heard we could use some here in the states. Email me at ""

Let me know, too, how that great celebration works out after we declare victory in this war; if Donald Trump is waving from a limousine on a NASCAR race course. 

Personally, I think the man in the White House is eminently unfit and emotionally unqualified to hold the job. Every day that he takes the podium he demonstrates he has neither the temperament or disposition, the grace or dignity, to do the job. But boy, can he get those big corporations and Mike Pence to kiss his ass.

Weigh his words that he takes no responsibility for what happens against the concrete recognition Harry Truman had for the duties of the Oval office when he said: “The buck stops here.” 
Trump is in the kitchen but cant stand the heat; cant even handle a tough question from a legitimate reporter. Its shameful. It is he who is sad, the president who is an embarrassment.

Speaking daily on CNN, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has demonstrated what leadership is, what it is like to have guts and grace under pressure. The Democratic party and America have a new hero to look up to, and Andrew Cuomo is his name.  

Joe Biden, if you want to do America a favor for tomorrow, step aside today. In Andrew Cuomo, we have a world class leader to take down Donald Trump in November. He is not a temporary filler. He is our future. 

If this were a reality TV show, Donald Trump would have been fired from his job a long time ago. If he saw this pandemic coming by shutting down travel from China, why did he do so little afterwards to alert America to the dangers? Can’t have it both ways. This pandemic did not begin in China, though. It began when America elected Donald Trump.  

Right now, though it does not matter if you cant stand the guy. He is piloting a plane we are all flying on. Republican or Democrat, atheist or evangelist, we need him to land it safely. Then take him to a rubber room somewhere.

“These are the times that try mens souls” are the words of an early American patriot, Thomas Paine. As we try to get through this stress together, find a way to help a neighbor, support a friend, aid a first responder,  and rise in service to your community and our country. The life you save may be more than your own.