Well, Donald Trump got to build his wall after all. Unfortunately, it was in Washington, D.C.  

The man who has spent four years methodically destroying America has been finally dispatched from the office he corrupted and disgraced.

He wanted to be first, and he was in so many ways.

More Americans lost their lives to a pandemic he mismanaged than any president in a century.

More Americans lost their jobs under his administration than any other.

More civil unrest occurred with him as commander-in-chief than at any time in the last 50 years.

No American president ever tried so hard to sabotage the First Amendment and a free press.

It is a very special week for the South Florida Gay News. We celebrate our 11th anniversary. We outlasted Donald the Despicable, and we never let up on exposing his hate.

No modern American president ever treated the LGBT community with less respect.

No American president ever appointed less qualified judges to offices.

No American president ever so antagonized our allies on the world stage.

No American president ever so sucked up to dictatorial leaders worldwide.

No American president ever so coddled white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and hatemongers.

No American president so divided our nation or jeopardized the peaceful transition of power.

No ever president ever so lowered the dignity of the office, lied as often, or exhibited less class or grace.

No American president ever left Washington with the National Guard putting up barbed wire in the Capitol.

Most presidents leave to a 21-gun salute. He left stealing Lincoln busts from the White House.

Trump’s cult of followers will flame out slowly over time. The Proud Boys will go back to their dark closets and the racists to the shadows where they belong.

They will find hate somewhere, but it won’t be in the White House or the Capitol Building anymore. The nightmare is over.

Dark clouds are lifting. The sun is rising. We will be picking up the shattered pieces of a democracy sabotaged. It’s not just a new administration. It’s a rescue operation.

When the new Attorney General was sworn in, his foremost task will be to prosecute the corruption, malfeasance and negligence of the last four years. There will be plenty of cleaning up for him to do.

We can all feel safer knowing our president is not being counseled by a host of charlatans, like Mr. Pillow guy.

We won’t be told that a virus that has taken 400,000 lives was a left-wing hoax.

A pandemic will be effectively addressed. Vaccines will be distributed. Science will be respected. Doctors will be honored.

We will have a president who speaks in complete sentences not populated with four-letter words.

We will have a free press that is respected and revered for reporting the news faithfully, not accosted for it.

We will have federal agencies that ensure regulations are followed, not ignored.

We will have schools that promote diversity. Once again, we will have artists and educators heard in the White House.

We will have our national parks restored, not auctioned off to the highest bidder.

We will have the voices of the LGBT community respected and protected again, instead of sabotaged and sucker-punched.

We will have AIDS advocates heard in the White House again.

We will have a nation of immigrants embraced rather than exiled. DACA recipients will find their path to citizenship is not held hostage.

We will have children in playgrounds instead of cages.

We will have federal courts balanced; a judiciary appointed based on legal accomplishments rather than religious beliefs or political allegiances.

We will have a president respected on the world stage as a global leader rather than as a classless clown.

America will not be a perfect union, but at least we will be moving again towards one.

There is relief. We have survived the calamity and chaos, the tumult and terror that Donald Trump brought us.

You and I though, every one of our readers, celebrate today the first day of an America restored, a people united in hope, rather than divided by hate.

“A republic,” Benjamin Franklin said, “if you can keep it.”

Don’t just kick your feet up on the sand and forget what we have been through. There are always miles to go before we sleep.

Keep Stacey Abrams busy. What we won today we will have to protect tomorrow. But for now, breathe again. Sing the words of Gordon McRae in “Oklahoma:”

Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day.

 It is morning in America.